Gear S Swarovski

Looking to add a dash of style to the Gear S once it launches in October? Samsung is giving its curved screen smartwatch the Swarovski treatment by announcing a range of straps that features crystal studded designs.

Samsung says that the Swarovski cut crystals "perfectly complement the chic, curved design of the Gear S." If you're worried whether the crystal arrangement is out of vogue, Swarovski is here to remind you that the strap is manufactured using a new process dubbed Crystal Fine Mesh, which apparently "integrates the crystals directly into the Strap's metal mesh making it one of the most exclusive products in the Swarovski assortment." There you have it. Now you can go ahead and get this accessory and not worry about committing fashion faux pas. Oh, and if you do get this accessory, Samsung states that you will be able to "revel in fresh forms of self-expression."

More interestingly, the press release also states that Samsung's next collaboration with Swarovski will involve back covers for Samsung's next flagship phone, which means that you will be able to complement your shiny Gear S with a crystal-studded Galaxy Note 4 later this year.

Source: Samsung; Via: The Verge