To wrap up Android Central's time with the AT&T Fuze for the Smartphone Round Robin, here are the answers to some of your guy's questions on this Windows Mobile powered device!

A lot of people seemed to wonder how the hardware on the Fuze held up and how big it really was. In short, it's a really solid device that's well built and shows quality in design. Meaning, I can't possibly understand why the Fuze is so darn pretty but the G1 is so...unexciting. Also, forgive its thickness guys, this thing is smaller than your average smartphone. I promise.

Read on to see the answers to your AT&T Fuze questions!


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Ryan asks How does the Fuze stack up vs. the G1 in terms of hardware? I liked what HTC did with the G1 but am curious about how they're doing with their other products.


In terms of hardware, it really is no contest. The Fuze is simply the better looking device. I can try to spin it in the G1's favor by claiming the G1 has multiple inputs but really, no one looks twice at the G1. With the Fuze, you'll get a lot of attention with the diamond faceted back and the solid build quality.

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Though I had originally thought the thickness of the device would be too much to handle, this simply wasn't the case. Because of the Fuze's small overall footprint the it's really a small device any way you put it.

My biggest gripe with the Fuze hardware is the use of a resistive screen. Luckily, my G1 has a capacitive screen so us Android users are one up there!


devonair asks How difficult is it to disable the TouchFLO 3D?


Dangit. I knew I forgot something. I can't specifically say how easy or difficult it is because I never turned it off and the device is out of my possessions now, so I can't do it. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say if you're halfway decent around Windows Mobile, you'd be able to figure it out. If you're not, I'm sure the WMExperts guys would gladly assist you!


eagle63 asks Casey, aside from any lag issues, how do you like TouchFlo from a usability standpoint? I'm currently a WinMo user and am concerned that while it looks great, it might not be all that usable after a while. Case in point: The home screen on TouchFlo is dominated by that oversized clock, and therefore you can only see (I think) 1 upcoming appointment whereas with the standard WinMo today screen you can see your next 4 or 5 events if you want.


That's a great point that I never really considered but now can't ignore since you mentioned it. The clock is a great eye-catcher but simply not efficient as your home screen. I would have much preferred a Today Screen of some sort so I could get more information and squeeze more usefulness from the Fuze's large screen.

TouchFLO 3D works...under a few conditions. I think it's a great way to do quick tasks like fire a SMS or launch the web browser. Other than that, I personally don't think TouchFLO 3D is targeted for power users. I tired of it after a few days and would have probably turned it off if I stuck with the Fuze. If you're comfortable with Windows Mobile, you'll definitely be a little frustrated with lack of usefulness in TouchFLO 3D. Sure looks good though.


Dr. Tyrell asks Would the Fuze's magnetic stylus work with the G1? Could be handy when I'm working outside with gloves on.


The magnetic stylus is probably the best stylus I've ever used bar none. But in the end, it's still a stylus.

In regards to your question though, the stylus won't work with the G1's touchscreen because it uses a different technology to register touch input. The Fuze's touchscreen uses a resistive screen which in layman's terms means you have to physically press the screen. The G1's touchscreen is a capactive screen which in layman's terms means you register input via an electrical current (like your finger).  A stylus won't generate the current that is necessary for input.


Ammar asks I would really like the Touch Pro. However, I heard that it gets really hot and you can't charge it while talking on the phone. I am really going to need a next gen phone for my business. What do you guys suggest?


I actually didn't notice any heat from it. Most smartphones do get a tad bit warm, but I've never experienced a deal breaker in that sense. Don't know where that can't talk while charging came from though, that works fine on the Fuze.

And if you want a next gen phone for your business—why I'll suggest Android! Unless you run Exchange, which then I'll direct you to the iPhone or Windows Mobile.


pinguino1 asks While you get the Bold, I have a question for Casey: 1- What hardware features from the Fuze you would like to have in the G1? 2- What functionality in WM you are missing in the G1? 3- What apps in the Fuze would be great in the G1? 4- what form factor/looks designed from the Fuze are missing in the G1?


  1. Hmm, I love that the Fuze didn't have a "chin". The flush buttons on the bottom portion slid away with the rest of the screen so there weren't any awkward hand positions while typing.

  2. Turn by turn directions! Android needs this NOW.

  3. I can't mention any specific apps, since I only downloaded a few. But if the apps in Android Market reach half the depth of some of the Windows Mobile apps, I would be very, very happy.

  4. I might stand alone and be mocked for my taste but I like the diamond faceted back. I think it gives the device a subtle yet flashy look.


pinguino1 asks Where is the forum thread for this Round Robin discussion or Why there is a not forum thread? Wasn't this supposed to be an interactive discussion?


Keen observation. It was located here: Android Casey needs Help with the Fuze!

Thanksgiving threw week 2 of the Round Robin a little off schedule, so the interactive discussion became a wee bit less interactive. Sorry! We'll do our best to keep a live discussion in the coming rounds.