Rochester Optical to offer prescription and fashion lenses for Google Glass in early 2014

Company also hires wearable tech figure Tim Moore to lead new efforts

With increased excitement over Google Glass as of late, it seems fitting that a company start offering prescription lenses for the headwear. Rochester Optical announced today alongside the hiring of industry figure Tim Moore that it will bring custom prescription, fashion and sport lenses that work with Google Glass in early 2014. Currently, you can only choose from a simple pair of sunglass or clear protective (and non-prescription) lenses from Google.

Although many Glass Explorers that need prescription lenses have been making due with either contacts or wearing both their regular glasses and Google Glass at the same time, it's wonderful to hear that a third party will be making custom lenses. Not only does this open up the market for other companies to get in on Google Glass market, it also means even more people out there can potentially wear the tech in the future.

Source: PRWeb; +Tim Moore

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

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  • This could be cool. Maybe Google glass will turn into a nice pair of sunglasses? Here is hoping. Posted via Android Central App on my Note 2!
  • Been looking for part time glasses to replace my contact lens. We'll see
  • I definitely want and need some!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Maybe you can claim them on your eye insurance. Posted via Android Central App
  • The first thing that came to my mind was: this will never be covered by my insurance. But I can dream though. Posted via Android Central App
  • Every eye insurance I've ever had has covered $X toward frames. They are not going to cover the $1500 for current explorers or whatever final retail on these is, but you may be able to claim their max frame coverage for an effective discount. Here's hoping....
  • I'm from Rochester, NY and I still live here.... we were the first city in the entire country to go LTE and we have the most awkwardly best cell phone coverage in the country as well (from my perspective[on alllll networks, minus sprint]obviously). Google was supposed to bring its Fiber Network to Cananandaigua (about 25 mins away) but lost the bid to some city, lol, out in the Midwest. We have always been a forefront of technology, basically since the industrial revolution, and it makes me so happy that my OBSESSED Android/Google self, is going to be the absolute 1st one of my friends with Glass, with my prescription lenses FROM MY CITY in them. A+ ROC
  • Yeah Rochester! Grew up in Fairport (Live in Pittsburgh, PA now). Love going back to visit family and friends! Travel to the Finger Lakes multiple times every summer!
  • Dude I grew up in Fairport too!! class of 05 haha sweet!
  • Yeah! I live in Rochester too. I don't know about having the "best" cell coverage though. I've been here all my life, and have an AT&T for personal and a Verizon phone for work
  • Ok begs to be asked. I wonder how this will affect traffic tickets. They might impede but they are also prescription. Wow the Grey area just got dark, dark grey Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, but they'll still be glassholes. Yes, I know you can record with your cell phone already, but it's not very covert, unlike Glass. As for a flashing LED, we all know that can be hacked. Flame on!
  • This has been done by some generic chinese product manufacturers... I can't remember the name because they are always changing the name due to possible lawsuits... As soon as I can track it down again I will be posting an article + link over at
    I would appreciate if you guys go check it out
  • How unfortunate. In my past life I was an optician (20+ years ABO-AC optician). I worked for a retailer that Rochester Optical bought - out of the frying pan and into the fire. The previous owners were bad - and out of money. But Rochester was horrible to work for. Unreasonable demands from management, outright lying to customers in their advertisements, and no real plan to get the stores back into shape. They're the reason I got out of the optical industry altogether. I never saw such shoddy workmanship from a optical lab, and the guy they hired to run our 21 stores (who I understand was fired a month after I left) was a complete and utter moron.