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Roborock is spreading out from their usual robot vacuum fare this year at CES 2020 by announcing a new handheld vacuum cleaner. The Roborock H6 takes all of the expertise they've built over the course of their existing lineup, and packaged it into a lightweight, powerful unit that can keep carpets and hardwood floors clean in any home.

The H6 is the first vacuum in the world powered by a lithium polymer battery. With it, the H6 runs for 90 minutes in eco mode or 10 minutes on full blast. A handy little OLED screen in the handle helps you keep tabs on how much longer the H6 can run, alongside other helpful notifications. Weighing only 3 lbs. makes the Roborock H6 perfect for cleaning ceilings, shelves, and other high, hard-to-reach spots.

Despite the generous battery life and light weight, it still boasts plenty of power. A 420W multi-layer impeller can easily lift dirt settled deep into carpets and other soft material. Meanwhile, front and rear washable HEPA filters capture 99.97% of particles while you're busy cleaning.

For those still on the hunt for an automated floor-cleaning buddy, Roborock also announced the S6 Pure. It hosts the same floor-mapping and laser-guided navigation as previous models, as well as sensors for protecting against falls, but at a more affordable pricetag.

Expect the hand-held Roborock H6 to go for $449, and the S6 Pure for $549, both hitting store shelves in Q2.

Roborock H6

Roborock's very first handheld vacuum boasts light weight, lots of power, and the first lithium polymer battery in this product category.