Review: Golla Gale Brown Pouch for G1

I have a couple Golla cases for my other smartphones, so I was excited to try out the Golla Brown Pouch for my T-Mobile G1 Android phone. It is sold here in the Android Central Store for $19.95. How well will it protect your G1 Android phone? Is it a worthy Golla case?

Read on for my full review!

Case Design

The Golla Gale Brown Pouch is a top-loading case made of soft brown corduroy material. The flap folds over and Velcros in place and bears the Golla insignia on the front. In both appearance and touch, this pouch case is soft and gives your high-tech G1 some warmth. The case includes several carrying options: a detachable carabiner to clip to a belt loop or purse strap, a detachable lanyard, and a reinforced stitched belt loop for carrying on your belt, if you desire. As I mentioned before, the case is soft and provides some padding for your G1. The corduroy material is both attractive and soft, the Velcro enclosure flap folds

over and keeps your G1 safely inside the pouch.

The interior lining of the case is a soft lime green material, a stark contrast with the brown exterior. Golla always has a way of adding style with their designs and splashes of contrasting color, and this Golla Gale Brown Pouch case is no exception.  Golla also thinks about utility. This sporty case includes interior pockets for additional storage as well as a zippered exterior pocket to hold things like a set of earbud headphones or a small Bluetooth headset. The zipper tab is a sturdy leather strip for easy handling.


As you can see by the pictures above, your G1 slides easily yet snugly from the top, then nestles safely inside the case and is kept in place by the Velcro flap. As is the case with all pouches, access to your G1 non-existent unless you remove it entirely from the case. This, of course, leaves your G1 vulnerable to a slip-and-fall without any protection once you remove it, so it may not be a bad idea to go for double-protection by applying a skin from BodyGuardz or Case-Mate so you can have some piece of mind when your G1 is "naked." The Golla Gale Brown Pouch offers SOME padded protection, but it's not extensive. It may protect your G1 from a short fall, particularly from scratches and scuffs, but protection from impact shock is about average. The additional storage pockets both inside and outside of the case are a nice plus. I like having the zippered storage compartment on the outside for carrying small items. The multiple carrying options also add value to this case, be it carabiner clip, belt loop, or lanyard.


The Golla Gale Brown Pouch for T-Mobile G1, sold here for $19.95 in the Android Central Store, is a sporty and stylish way to carry your G1 Android smartphone. The brown corduroy exterior, protective Velcro flap, and cloth padding offers both good looks and moderate protection. The multiple carrying options are convenient to have, and the zippered exterior pocket and additional interior storage pockets add utility to this pouch case. As usual, Golla delivers a nice product for the money and this case is no exception.


  • Stylish corduroy exterior and Velcro flap for security and protection
  • Multiple carrying options
  • Extra storage


  • Cloth padding offers minimal protection from impacts
  • Must remove phone completely for access


Brian Hart#AC