After a lackluster experience with the S-View Clear Cover, we figured there was still hope for a decent OEM option with the Clear Protective Cover for Galaxy Note 5. We weren't wrong, but there's still a lot to be desired at its particularly high price point.

Upon the first glance at this hard case you can tell its main feature is its incredible slimness. Samsung's clear polycarbonate shell shows off the Galaxy Note 5's back almost as if there was nothing there — assuming you can keep it clean long enough to appreciate it. While the case offers plenty of grip, the interior has a more textured finish that's smooth to the touch.

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Around each corner of the case are glossy plastic arms which the Galaxy Note 5 snaps into. Depending on what color you roll with — black sapphire, silver, or gold — they match nicely with the device. Since there's no real bumper absorbing impacts, you've got complete access to every tidbit of the Note 5, including the SIM tray. While worn, you won't have to worry about scratches on either side of the device, but the case itself is far from scratch resistant — not to mention a fingerprint magnet.

In short, the Samsung Clear Protective Cover for Galaxy Note 5 is a quick and simple way to add some extra grip and keep away permanent scratches. There's certainly no sense of absolute security while it's on, which could make one dread the inevitable drop. If you're good with forking out $27.99 for the OEM name, it's a decent cover, but just be mindful of more affordable options out there. We're looking at you, Ringke Fusion!

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