qualcomm's snapdragon cpu

Qualcomm (the company that builds processors used in many Android phones) has released an open source 2D/3D Linux kernel driver for the OpenGL ES GPU core on the Snapdragon processor.  In non-geek language, this means that part of the code that runs the Adreno GPU on the Snapdragon is now open, and ready for Android developers to start hacking.  The user space portion hasn't been released (soon Qualcomm?) so it's not all wine and roses, but every little bit counts.  I'm certain that the Android development community will find this a valuable tool to squeeze more performance out of things, so this is great news for all of us rocking a Snapdragon powered phone -- like the Incredible, Evo, or Nexus One.

Ubergeeks and kernel hackers can find the code in this Git tree.  Let the syncing and compiling begin! [Slashdot]