QSAlpha launches Indiegogo campaign for the Quasar IV - uses 'unprecedented' encryption

QSAplha offers a secure ecosystem that promises to keep your data all yours

Protecting your precious personal data has never been more important. Our smartphones can contain not just our address book, but our banking information, credit card accounts and personal information moves in and out of our phones all the time, and it's important to secure it all as best we can.

A company named QSAlpha thinks they can help. They are developing the Quasar IV — and Android-based smartphone that will protect all of your data with what they are calling "unprecedented" encryption. Phone calls, SMS messages, application data, email and everything else moving in and out of your device with public and private keys for each user from 16x16x4 (16 to the power of 16 to the power of 4) three-dimensional matrices. This verifies and protects the user's identity, and makes sure the data going in and out is what it's supposed to be, and going where it's supposed to go.

This is done through a high-security ecosystem known as QuaWorks. QuaWorks consists of three parts — the Qua Store, a secure marketplace for applications; Qua Cloud storage which offers encrypted file storage; and Quatrix, which is the proprietary system used for all the encryption. 

All this will be free of charge for users with the Quasar IV, and they expect to launch in June 2014 (April 2014 for backers). We'll definitely have a good look at the platform when and if it launches, but a lot of that will depend on the success of the Indiegogo campaign. You can follow the source links to learn more, and the full press release is after the break.

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QSAlpha Launches Quasar IV Cipherphone, Offering Unprecedented Security, Via Indiegogo Campaign

Calls, Messages, Email, Even Cloud Storage are Protected Behind QSAlpha’s Patent-Pending Quatrix™ Trusted-Authentication Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (September 17, 2013) — QSAlpha (QSα), developer of advanced digital security solutions for mobile device users, today announced the launch of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its new ultra-secure Quasar IV cipherphone. As the gateway to a new security ecosystem powered by Quatrix™ technology, the Quasar IV cipherphone lets mobile device users access and protect their entire digital world—phone calls, email, mobile apps, SMS, cloud storage and more—using Quatrix™, the world’s most advanced trusted-authentication technology.

Quasar IV, an Android device, opens huge new possibilities in mobile security that far surpasses conventional forms of protection. Digital identity theft, particularly through mobile devices, is shockingly prevalent. In 2012 alone, Americans suffered over $20 billion in financial losses to identity thieves. Quasar IV helps to eliminate these losses by giving users exclusive access to QSα’s high-security ecosystem known as QuaWorks. Elements of the ecosystem include:

  • QuaStore, the world’s most advanced trusted-authentication based application platform, featuring apps that are digitally signed by the original developers to ensure they are free from the widespread malware and viruses that disrupt mobile phone use.
  • QuaCloud storage, available to Quasar IV users, safeguarded by QSα’s revolutionary self-authenticated matrix technology.
  • Quatrix™, the proprietary encryption technology of the QuaWorks ecosystem. Quatrix™ generates a pair of public and private keys for each user from 16^16^4 three-dimensional matrices, certifying the user’s unique identity and protecting the transmission of information. With 1077 public and private key pairs available, Quatrix can provide digital identities for the entire global cyberspace population.

“Anytime people exchange data through their smartphones, they take a risk. Unsecured mobile data and applications are the biggest dangers facing the digital world today,” said Steve Chao, founder and CEO of QSα. “Quasar IV and the Quatrix™ technology are capable of solving this massive problem, protecting users from identity thieves, intruders, even uninvited surveillance. We’re confident that the Quasar IV cipherphone addresses the needs of the mass market for ultra-strong security, which is why we’ve initiated this crowdfunding campaign.”

Authenticate Your Digital World

Through the apps in the QuaWorks ecosystem, Quasar IV users are able to make VoIP calls, as well as send/receive emails and text messages, using the revolutionary Quatrix™ trusted-authentication technology. Conventional smartphones authenticate data via public key infrastructure, which are stored online. No matter how many times a user changes passwords, thieves and other unauthorized entities can impersonate a user’s identity if they gain control over the third party authentication server.

Quasar IV, by contrast, uses a seed public matrix stored on the user’s phone to compute and authenticate both ends of any communication event. The seed public matrix functions as a mediator, verifying the two identities and ensuring privacy for texts, emails, file transmissions and voice calls.

“If at all possible, cracking just one private and public key combination would be extremely difficult,” noted Chao. “This is how Quasar IV, Quatrix™ and QuaWorks differ from any mobile security solution in the market.”


Access to QSAlpha’s QuaWorks ecosystem of base security solutions will be free of charge to Quasar IV cipherphone users. The Quasar IV cipherphone and QuaWorks ecosystem are expected to debut in April, 2014.

For further details on Quasar IV and QSα’s full range of advanced digital security solutions for mobile device users, visit www.qsalpha.com. For further details on the Indiegogo campaign, visit Indigogo.

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