What you need to know

  • Update 0.14.0 has arrived for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile).
  • The free update adds an Infection mode, pitting Defenders with guns against the melee-only hordes of Infected.
  • This update also continues the nautical theme that was started with Season 8.

The 0.14.0 content update is here for PUBG Mobile, and this update brings something a little spookier than usual: a full-on Infection mode. Earlier this year, there was a crossover event with Resident Evil 2. Now, it's all-out player vs player zombie vs human combat. Players join one of two groups in a match, the Defenders or the Infected.

The Defenders can still use firearms, while the Infected are limited to melee attacks and some cooldown-based special abilities. The Infected also infect any members of the Defenders that they manage to kill, so the number of humans will dwindle as the match goes on. The Defenders have to last until dawn, while the Infected need to bring down every Defender.

There are a few other non-zombie items in this latest update as well. Season 8 is still going strong, and the aquatic theme is continuing. As such, there's different items and daily challenges for players to unlock. There's also some platform-specific upgrades. The size of the game's installation package on Android has been reduced and in-game items that aren't frequently being used can be stored in the Resources Extension Pack until they are required.

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The Mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is free-to-play, with frequent updates and changes, including new games modes. 100 players enter a match. Who's going to leave as the winner?

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