President Trump working to get ZTE back into business

Truth is stranger than fiction. In April, ZTE was banned from using U.S. hardware or software by the Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur L. Ross, Jr. Fast forward to May and the company was banned from selling any products on U.S. military installations along with Huawei. These bans resulted in ZTE shutting down all its operations because it's hard to make money when you can't sell any products.

Today? Trump is back to Twitter and back to breaking his own news stories.

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This is certainly an unexpected event. But not necessarily a bad event. ZTE was banned from using U.S.-based hardware or software because the U.S. government felt it did not follow through on a court ruling that said the company needed to pay a hefty fine, fire several key executives, and admonish 32 employees — a charge ZTE denies. Ordering a denial may have been the Commerce Department's idea of playing hardball to force compliance.

Having said that, the original issue — ZTE admittedly sold technology products to North Korea and Iran — is still troubling. As is a sitting U.S. President working in that company's best interests after this was done.

This is surely just a small part of a bigger picture and only Presidents Trump and Xi know how it will play out. We're going to watch closely, along with the rest of America.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Well my ZTE Axon 7 has a custom rom on it but doesn't get good reception so it has been in a drawer. Idk how true these allegations are against them but if this can be done to ZTE they could effectively put any other android manufacturer out of business.
  • Well they admitted to it sacked the employees responsible and paid a large fine.
  • Lol even though I didn't vote for Trump.
    But he's damned if you do and damned if you don't. I honestly believe that if he could stop world hunger people still say it's not good enough.... This paragraph in the article "Having said that, the original issue — ZTE admittedly sold technology products to North Korea and Iran — is still troubling. As is a sitting U.S. President working in that company's best interests after this was done." Just a couple weeks ago you guys posted an article about them Banning ZTE phones on military bases and there was wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Forum.
  • Everyone has their own opinion. I'm of the opinion that a company aiding and abetting enemy states deserves plenty of scrutiny from everyone in all levels of government. Including the president. No sarcasm, no innuendo. I just see it a troublesome. Edit: Because someone will end up saying "Make China Great Again!!!!!1111" Also not a damn thing wrong with working to get jobs back in China. Gives them incentive to help create jobs in the US.
  • It wasn't really the writers at ac blaming trump it was people in the comments. I think Jerry and others at ac have done a great job not getting political. Heck look at the verge, gizmodo etc all they do is look for ways to take a jab at potus. I applaud ac for remaining neutral for the most part.
  • He deserves every jab anybody throws at him. He's repulsive in every respect.
  • That's just a dumb comment.
  • What is repulsive is liberal trash, thank God Trump has the bags and trucks to dispose of all of you
  • Speaking of dumb comments...see theblackandgolds comment. IDIOT.
  • Perhaps, yet he is doing more for the country than the prior president did in 2 terms. So he has that at least.
  • Hahah
  • LMAO, David Dennison hasn't done a damn thing
  • Some examples please.
  • No he isn't... Don't believe generic Facebook comments bud.
  • Which is why he's working with Xi to come to a solution that benefits everyone. Like Trump or not, he's doing what he said he would do along with other things that are in America's best interests. Don't go full CNN on us AC, never go full CNN.
  • I guess I should have clarify and looking back over my post. I could have worded a little bit better.. I wasn't really directing it at you Jerry more to the left leaning crowd on the fourms. * but if it was left up to me ZTE wouldn't be able to sell any cell phone or electronic devices in the United States. Just for the simple fact they were giving Electronics to north Korean. We're Kim's motto is #nolivesmatters
  • I've been accused of being left leaning myself. In some ways that's true. I don't like a lot of what I see and hear from Trump but that doesn't mean everything the man touches instantly turns to shit. I certainly didn't like a lot of what I saw and heard from Obama, Bush (both of them), Clinton or Reagan either. i did love Carter though, but that's because I got to meet him and he patted me on the head and told me to grow up in a way that makes my dad proud. I like to think I did.
  • When Carter was President I was going to school to be a very good commie in east Germany. Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch!
  • Appreciate your honesty. The left/right paradigm is irrelevant as very few people are completely one or the other. Civil discourse and the free exchange of ideas is what makes Western Civilisation fantastic, just dont get stuck in an echo chamber without listening to the other side.
  • James Carter was probably the finest human being to ever hold the office. Thats probably why he wasnt a truly successful president. Bill Clinton was an alley cat but super gifted. I'll try to cut back a bit on my Trump bashing. For now.
  • And who do you think helped to start the Taliban? Gave them money to fight the Russians... Hmm...
  • Oh I know Iknow..... Who was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn? Wait that was a Jeopardy answer. Idk objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. Maybe I need night vision goggles.
  • You must be new to the country and missed the massive job losses, the housing crisis, 10 percent unemployment, shuttered businesses including manufacturers of cars in Detroit, gas for less than 2 bucks a gallon, stock market at 6000 and the bodies coming home from two wars all inherited by President Obama from GWBush. Not to mention the loss of the World Trade Center under Bush.
    You missed all that while you were away. The man that turned the nation around, adopted common-sense reforms that helped set the path 45 likes to brag about. Maybe your family avoided losing their jobs, cars, life savings when Bush crippled the economy. But it took leadership, to get hold of and stop the hemorrhaging.
    The facts: Starting from trump’s inauguration, the Dow has risen from 19,827.3 to 25,075.1 -- an increase of 26 percent. Sounds good right?
    But it’s not nearly as impressive as its performance during the equivalent period under Obama. Under Obama, the Dow increased from 7,949.1 to 10,572 — a rise of 33 percent.
    In fact, the Dow’s rise was even more impressive under Obama if you start measuring at the market’s low point, on March 9, 2009, during the depths of the Great Recession. That day, the Dow closed at 6,547. Between then and Jan. 5 — a 10-month period — the Dow rose by a stunning 61 percent. That’s more than three times faster than Trump’s rise over the same period in his term.
  • 👍👍👍
  • If Obama and his administration had anything to do with those returns I’d agree with you. The markets go up and down regardless of who’s the President. The recovery would have been far quicker with no Great Recession if they’d focused on business instead of the far left healthcare agenda that stalled real job growth. Again, companies exist regardless of party in charge. Policy is not as significant as certainty. Since Obama was more politician than anything, he promised everyone whatever they wanted to hear regardless of whether it was realistic or not. His Administration set economic and racial policies back 25 years in this country. He was divisive for limited benefits for most people. Whether you like Trump or not doesn’t matter. Anybody that can unify people, even if against him will accomplish more because people are more interested with success than arguing between themselves. When both parties argue regarding his policies together against him, it means both parties are being pushed to compromise. If you want to get things done, everyone has to buy in.
  • Far left healthcare agenda? Well there you have it folks. I guess afforadable healthcare and universal healthcare found in nearly all first world countries. No where did Obama set the economy 25 years not racial relations. It's not his fault the racists came out in drove BECAUSE of his skin color. You want a devisive, look at our current president and his kleptocracy of an administration.
  • I agree. Jerry, you've been very consistent and fair. I wish all Android writers were like you. Good job, man.
  • Hmm all you commenters that were quick to directly blame trump for this mess in the beginning. A lot of ac stories and elsewhere people were crying that it was trump's fault all of this was happening. Make sure u blame him for getting it fixed too. Smh
  • He's having his hand forced by the Chinese. Don't think for one second he's doing it or the kindness of his heart
  • I knew you would throw in your bull quickly.
  • And I knew you'd follow with over defensive bull shortly after
  • Boy - you really have this all figured out... Whoa...
  • I am not defensive i just find you ridiculous.
  • Likewise. You don't even put in a constructive comment. Just bile as per
  • I highly doubt the Chinese are strong arming the President, he's pig headed like that. Take the North Korean situation for instance, his rhetoric and actually standing up to them most likely helped. Trump doesnt like to lose, that aside, the Chinese probably brought something to the table that made sense
    to him, so he's looking to let ZTE back in.
  • The problem is that Trump's idea of negotiation is to make wild policy moves and then backtrack - depending in how they go over. How about taking the time to develop a coherent strategy vis a vis China, and engage in honest negotiations to bring it about? As it is, I'm not sure whether the Iran/Korea angle was a real concern - or just an excuse to play hardball with 'China'. And you're not sure either - nobody could be. And that's the nature of this administration.
  • He's not smart enough. Everything has to be spoon fed to him in bullet points.
  • And Obama, Bush, Clinton were? Trump and his bullet points will most likely bring the Korean war to an official end. Something NOT OTHER President has been able to do. Thats ok, continue to get your talking points from Politico, or Huffpo.
  • Something good may indeed come out of the North Korea talks. Maybe something akin to the Iran nuclear deal. And, despite the trashing of that deal, Trump's allies will demand a Nobel. I won't begrudge him a success there if he has one - I just think he (yes, even he) could've served us better by not punking us with fake punches all over the place. Reagan's 'crazy talk' had some effect on the Russians too. But in the end, sanctions and world condemnation probably did more than threatening to build a Star Wars defense shield.
  • As long ZTE is shut down, all ZTE phones sold in the USA won't get any Android updates. I bought a ZTE Blade X in February and that was the last time Cricket & ZTE have issued any Android updates. So, most ZTE phones are stuck on Android 7.1.1 until they can get back in business. So, the sooner can get back in business the better so we can get our phones updated. Cricket and AT&T still ZTE phones today.
  • You're probably not going to get many updates on a phone like that anyway.
  • My Verizon Galaxy S7 is on Android 7.0.
  • If it's not a Axon, it will not get any major OS updates. You'll get security updates here and there. 7.1.1 is where the phone will die on.
  • Honestly he has no choice but to try to work it out for ZTE, the Chinese are demanding it.. Remember, he threatened the Chinese with harsh tariffs, and they threaten some on their own, to americans farmers. Last I heard that's a big piece of the base. It's now face saving time, but you have to make it look like you working it for the people.
  • You're wrong. There are barely any 'family farms' left in America, which what I assume you would consider his base. When you talk about farming, it's big business. Major, conglomerates own US farming and has for 40 years.
  • On 4/9/18 he admitted farmers would take a heavy hit from the tariffs. He thinks they should take it on the chin as true patriots. One thing I know about this president, if criticism is false he is quick to tweet the error if it makes him look smart.
  • Come to Iowa, there are plenty of family owned farms. Corn, soy beans & piggy farms!
  • So how long until we find out about another Cohen payment from ZTE this time??
  • As anything actually happened yet?
    Credit when it's due.
    Nice tweet, spelling and punctuation all good.
    But tweets are easy international politics less so.
  • Remember we're living in an alternate reality. So anything is possible
  • Being a sitting USA president and actively helping a foreign company get into business who originally violated our policies, all after expert advice
    For the president to go against those advice and actively helping this company sounds too fishy . The country has enough I eternal issues that are neglected by politicians
  • So from "ZTE is evil" to "welcome ZTE" as China can harm tech US companies as Apple, MS, Qualcomm, Google, Facebook etc and I suppose Huaweii "devil" too. It is at least rare that a christian country do not love "the others" even they other neighbors as immigrants or not WASP people or not heterosexual people and also a freedom country do not want freedom fro others.
  • China steals the intellectual property from US companies.....China gains from stealing from others. While the US has many people that identify as Christians, we are not a Christian country....that would go against the establishment clause under the first amendment. And this whole situation regarding ZTE has nothing to do with freedom....It was about ZTE selling products to countries that inhibit freedom.
  • Not really countries that inhibit freedom, just countries that our country does not like, as some of all is themselves inhibit freedom.
  • I suspect he'll get Giuliani to help with another back door deal since Cohen obviously can't. Of course the other possibility is he'll change his mind or claim he never said such a thing. The Absent Minded President...coming to a movie theater near you!
  • Well, since we all have been granted the gift of opinion, perhaps we can look at it from a different perspective. We have a president that has placed great emphasis on job creation and employment. Thus far, I would say his success has been notable, like him or not. These products are made by an American company with employees here and many other countries that manufacture different components. The profits of which flow back to this country. All of this will suffer from the status-quo. What ZTE did was wrong and they are being punished, but so are a lot of other people (Including some Americans). I see nothing wrong with the president trying to get the ball rolling toward a solution. At least CNN can stay afloat another year spinning stories about Trump - China collusion.
  • You're right but it also goes a lot further than just the components for these phones. Make no bones about it that this a trade war and by banning ZTE the Chinese will have at least threatened to hit the US purse elsewhere. Boeing for example have already taken a financial hit when China cancelled orders for planes in a *** for tat retaliation. China is one of the US biggest importers and they can hurt America as much as America can hurt them. It's not good for either economies or businesses and certainly not good for eithers consumers as theirs less choice and higher prices for goods
  • Tell that to all the AT&T employees who were laid off after AT&T paid them all bonuses. "Job creation" my ass.
  • All I know is, I got a raise. 🤷‍♂️
  • Are you accounting for the wild swings of the stock market due to the "trade wars"?
  • And AP&P got caught sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to the President's lawyer's fake company in hopes of bribing their way to a Time Warner merger. Then again, the fan of the 0-16 team that traded Carson Wentz to a superior franchise is used to all this "winning"
  • I seem to remember this... 2016, the year of Champions. Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Championship, and Donald Trump beats fat ass Hildabeast. One beat a curse, the other saved us from one. Winning is swwwwwwweeeeeeeeet! 🏆
  • The solution was ZTE not to violate a ruling after being caught. They knew they would be banned but did not take the threat seriously. They didn't fire the employees involved and continued the behavior. Don't violate Commerce Department rules.
  • No less than the FBI, the intelligence community, and US department of Defence have expressed security concerns about ZTE and Huawei. The Defence Dept banned ZTE phone sales on US bases in April, and the FCC banned US Internet service providers from buying Huawei network equipment due to cyber security threats. Trump has never been that interested in reading details of intel threats provided by the CIA & all. Politically in America, Trump’s decision on ZTE will be used against him. Whether or not the reversal helps with the separate North Korean negotiations that involve China... Nobody knows. Trump makes it up day to day, and seems surprised when his choices have consequences. What is ZTE in America? A cheap smartphone with reasonable specs for those who don't need or value a premium smartphone and/or can't afford one (and that's ok!). Just don't criticise ZTE if it never gets timely, or any, updates... It is what it is... All the details are in today's Washington Post article: Trump pledges to help Chinese phonemaker ZTE ‘get back into business’
  • And once again Comrade Trump is putting the well being of a hostel foreign power over US National Security. They were caught red handed selling products with US technology to an enemy. They admitted it. They should never do business in this country again, or at least not for a good long time.
  • Not sure of the details but I assume although against the rules and against their agreement nothing of any security significants was sold to North Korea.
    I doubt any US company would sell this sort of product to a Chinese company.
    Probably just sold some phones across the boarder.
  • Setting aside any security risk (the official objection to ZTE & Huawei networking equipment)... If America didn't ban both companies from supplying the backbone of American mobile networks, competing American companies had no chance to outbid ZTE or Huawei on cost for hardware or engineering technical support. (engineers in low wage emerging nations are as clever as high wage first world engineers).
  • Hard to compete when the other guy is stealing your designs and selling them on the cheap.
  • Did ZTE give money to one Trump's lawyers in order to get access to Trump?
  • Did your tinfoil hat tell you that, or did the Martians?
  • It's what Novartis and AP&P did. Real news, read it sometimes
  • Oh, I read plenty of news. I just don't consider what you read news. I consider that bird cage filler.
  • Just because you don't think it's news doesn't mean it's "fake" and it doesn't mean it's not news.
  • ZTE illegally sold to Iran and North Korea. The US commerce Department has proof. So why should we help them?
  • We should not. #45 has no respect for the rule of law.
  • 😂 We just came out of eight years of pens and phones, and executive actions done without Congress, and now you're worried about the rule of law? What a load of 💩.
  • Oh my dear Scott. That is but allowed under the rule of law and under jurisdiction of the President. President Trump's, if you haven't noticed, is all about Executive Laws too. Funny you didn't actually reply to the originate comment about ZTE selling information and tech to Iran and North Korea
  • Just goes to show he has no respect for the "Rule of Law".
    ZTE knew that if they didn't comply after being caught the first time; there would be consequences.
    They knew exactly what the consequences would be. They failed to fire the people that were involved with the first violation that ended up with the fine from the Commerce Department. They continued the behavior. They got banned.
    Now #45 is trying to rescue the criminals. Right....
  • He got a call from Xi, sure overturn court ruling, because who needs courts.
  • Make China Great Again. The decision to overturn the State Dept & ignore FBI & CIA warnings is patently insane.
  • Just the slightest mention of Trump brings out the bigots in droves. It's disgusting on both sides but I've never seen such blind hatred.
  • Yeah, bring ZTE back again... thanks president Trump.
  • So let’s see first Trump touts how many jobs America loses to China and now he’s helping China lower their employment rate and make China great again? Something’s afoot. Everything out of his mouth is fake news.
  • I would have understood him trying to sell us on ZTEs American jobs that where lost/about to be. But he specifically mentions Chinese jobs. Say what you want about Trump but his theatrics are second to none.
  • So the issues with ZTE are not security related? Or was that Huawei?
  • You left and right clowns better get your acts together and worry about MANkind and quit *****'n. If stealing/trading information get us closer to food replicators and spaceships to get us off this rock the better. Were gonna run out of **** soon and stupid politics and governments wont save us.
  • Have they checked Michael Cohen's accounts to see if ZTE made a payment for "access" to Dolt 45?
  • If this can get Oreo to my Axon 7 and get the axon 9 released I'm happy
  • ZTE can die. Not important. Not concerned. Couldn't care less...
  • Well that's that then. Who else cares except your almighty opinion huh? Please.... 🤦‍♂️
  • Little childrenz still crying about Trump in their paltry little 'tech' realms ...
  • I think that's great. I also think its great if the people of north korea and Iran have phones, the people having technology undermines repressive governments.
  • This obviously has nothing to do with China investing $500 million into a project in Indonesia that will personally enrich Donald Trump financially. Not at all. /s
  • This is the weirdest timeline. Trump cares more about jobs lost in China than in his own country. Narcissism is a hell of a drug.
  • What a fricking con artist.
  • Yep... ZTE... AND Huawei... Lol, cruel joke is you will get YEARS of software updates... Including the most important... The ones that fine tune & call home to China over time. ZTE could put any code into their updates... .... AND THAT IS WHY ZTE IS STILL BANNED FROM BEING SOLD OR USED ON AMERICAN MILITARY BASES. Perhaps the most unAmerican thing you can do is buy a ZTE or Huawei smartphone.
  • Well, I guess we know how it plays out now. The Chinese give Trump a personal $500mil handjob as thanks for 'helping out' ZTE and the rest of us get screwed.. So yeah, **** sanctions, laws, military/industrial espionage, American jobs.. just hand this ********* a briefcase of cash and he'll do anything you want.