PoopLog review - the Number One app of Number Twos

Some apps you just never expect to exist. One of them is PoopLog, which does exactly what you think it does: it keeps track of every time you take a dump. Not just track, but describe in excruciating detail - texture, volume, time of day, pain level... Even photos can be attached and shared via the system-wide menu to whoever needs to know about your last trip to the can. 


PoopLog has a smooth layout and an appropriately brown color scheme. Though the UI elements are all pretty basic, they’re big enough to be easily read and tapped. The FAQ section of the app is actually very informative about why it was made, and has lots of links to related information.

Embarrassed by tracking your poop? Don’t be! PoopLog has the option to hide pictures from your system gallery, and set a passkey to access the app. Unfortunately, there’s no icon masking to make the app a bit more subtle than a spiral-ring notebook with a turd on it.


PoopLog has a surprising depth of functions for something about your business on the can. When logging a log, first poopers pick a type based on consistency on the Bristol Stool Scale.Then  they pick a rough volume, and enter time of day (either just now, an hour ago, or a custom date and time). The last update included the ability to add pain level on scale of 1-10. A second scale rating odor would be nice, if only for bragging rights. Bowel movements can then have notes and pictures included before being entered into the log.

While users can share PoopLogs out to the world, the app itself isn’t an option in the share menu, meaning you can’t haul in your glorious toilet photography from the gallery app - pictures have been taken right from the app. What to do with that huge, steaming pile of poop data? Export it into plain text for your health professional, of course. There’s also an import option on the off-chance that you drop your phone in the toilet after defiling it.

PoopLog hasn’t been updated in over a year, so what you see is what you get for the forseeable future. The devs says that he’s working on custom fields such as smell, discomfort, and contents, as well as geotagging, so you can see your poop history on a map. That GPS feature which might actually be helpful for dog owners.


  • Poop pictures can easily be shared with the world
  • Surprisingly extensive functionality


  • Poop pictures can easily be shared with the world
  • No icon masking despite other security features


Despite being free and not having to deal with ads, this is one shitty app. Okay, in all seriousness, PoopLog could see some real use from folks with IBS or other health problems that require tracking of bowel movements. Whether you’re using this for juvenile fun or serious business, please, for the love of all that his holy, please don’t start sharing pictures of your poop on Facebook or Twitter. Save that for when PoopLog blossoms into a full-blown fecal social network, complete with five-flush ratings and a stall buddy system.

Simon Sage
Simon has been covering mobile since before the first iPhone came out. After producing news articles, podcasts, review videos, and everything in between, he's now helping industry partners get the word about their latest products. Get in touch with him at simon@futurenet.com.
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  • Downloading now!
  • Heya! I'm the developer of PoopLog! Thanks for the review and awesome feedback.. I'm currently working on a pretty significant update to PoopLog. future versions will include more logging options, trends, geotagging, video attachment, and an updated UI with actionbar to match 4.0+ devices! Stay tuned to my twitter @kefsco, or my site, kefsco.com for updated info! Thanks again! :D
  • Lol, logging options
  • Might as well call the other feature geologging.
  • Heya! Kefsco, when you're developing more updates and apps why not add an airfreshener app to go with the "Pooplog". Just a thought. lol!
  • You, sir, made me laugh so hard, my sides hurt. :D
    App to geotag poop. :D
    No disrespect meant. But that shit's just hilarious.
  • I remember Android Police had this as their WTF app of the week a while back, turns out the dev had a family member, younger sibling I believe, hat had IBS so they made the app to help their mom keep record of their number 2's. I actually commend the fact that the app has better "design" than many other project apps on Android, that tend to be thrown together by men in basements. :D
  • I just don't have the words...
  • The 21th centuary...where the first picture you will see in the morning is your best friends morning-poop face and the first text you'll read in the morning is how damn nice it was for him.
  • Why isn't there an option to "share?",... I will rate 5 stars when the development updates to share on Facebook and/or twitter. j/k :-)
  • Hah! Me and my kids joke about the subject this app addresses. Anyone else remember the website ratemysh!t.com? Ahh the good ole days.
  • Finally, an app for the literally anal retentive. It will squeeze out the competition, if any. Seriously, I hope the developer doesn't give the option to disguise the app. I'd hate to pick up someone's phone, tap on a puppy and immediately vomit.
  • This would be good for people who have bowel problems such as Celiac disease to help doctors track them.
  • This is too cool!
  • I think a useful field would be how long the poop took; Whether it was a quickie or your legs went numb.
  • Fine, you've all left me no resort. What a crappy app. :P