Temtem Early Access to be console exclusive on PS5

Temtem Ps5 Screenshot
Temtem Ps5 Screenshot (Image credit: Crema)

What you need to know

  • Temtem enters early access on PS5 on December 8.
  • Preorders for standard and deluxe versions of the MMO are available now.
  • Crossplay is available between the console and PC versions.

After launching on PC in January, Temtem, a Pokémon-inspired MMO from Crema and Humble Bundle, is hitting consoles for the first time this year. The game will launch in Early Access exclusively on PS5 on December 8.

Players will explore the Airborne Archipelago taming Tems, customizing their home, fighting other players, or teaming up with friends for battles. Early Access will offer 30 hours of story and the chance to tame 100 Tems. The whole campaign can be played co-op with crossplay enabled with PC.

Preorders opened today and Early Access players will receive a discount on the launch price of the game, a PlayStation Network avatar, and an exclusive in-game title. A deluxe version of the game also provides a bundle of exclusive camouflage cosmetic items for your character including a backpack and a bandana.

The game will continue to grow during Early Access, with plans to add two more islands where players will conclude the story along with dozens more Tems including three mythical ones akin to Legendary Pokémon. The developers will also add more multiplayer features, enabling clan wars and letting players from all over a given server share items through a trading house. The most competitive players can look forward to a hardgore game mode and a new island focused on endgame activities.

Samantha Nelson