POGO Games bring Poppit, Word Whomp and other favorites to Android

If you have ever been bored on the computer and looked to kill some time, odds are you have stumbled across some of the POGO Games. Today the folks at EA have made some of the classics from POGO available on Android devices. Bringing titles like Poppit!, Word Whomp, Turbo 21, Sweet Tooth 2 to Android is a great thing.

In addition to access to these free games, you have the ability to unlock World Class Solitare, and if you are interested in joining Club POGO you will gain access to 40 more games, plus the removal of adds. If you want to get down with some of your computer classics, be sure to hit the break and download this today! 

Download: North America (opens in new tab); rest of world (opens in new tab)

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  • Are you kidding me??? Big Deal!! Their app will only download to phones. Not my Transformer, Xoom, Nook Color or Samsung tab 7plus. Only my Optimus V. Typical EA! In my opinion the most over rated game site on the internet. Games are outdated with simplistic graphics. Also, the card games are not randomly dealt. Cbill
  • Whine much?
  • Warren: Are you familiar with the site first hand? Do you have any in depth experience contrary to my observations? Do you have a paid membership? If so I would love to hear more. Otherwise I will just assume your comment to be a rather childish attempt at being cute.
  • No problem for me at all sitting here playing it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi...
  • Adshelt: I have again attempted to download the Pogo App onto my WIFI tablets this morning from both the "Play Store" and the Pogo site, with no success (message says devises not compatible). Also, after gaining access to the site with my phone, it would not accept my username and password; yet I could immediately gain access using my Win 7 desktop. I am wondering how you were able to downoad the App, as I have been unable to using three different tablets including my Galaxy tab 7plus. Could you provide a little more information as to your method of downloading the App? Your response is appreciated. Cbill