Podcasts could come to Google Play Music later in February

Update: Simmons has deleted his Tweet. Read into that what you will.

It was announced back in October that Google Play Music would be adding podcasts to its lineup, and now it looks like that launch may be imminent. It now appears that podcasts will launch on Play Music at some point in February. This timeframe comes from sports podcaster Bill Simmons, whose podcast will be available on Google Play at launch.

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While its not official, Simmons could be in a position to know. Just remember that Google has not announced a date itself for the launch of podcasts of Google Play Music, and such a launch may slip past February.

When they arrive, you'll be able to search for and play your favorite podcasts right in the Google Play Music app. Not only that, but Play Music will also make suggestions for new podcasts for you based on your interest or mood, just as it does now with music.

Source: Bill Simmons (Twitter)

Joseph Keller
  • About time too. Hopefully automatic downloads will be a feature at launch. Posted via the Android Central App
  • About time?? Really? Aren't there like 50 pod cast apps already? Don't they pretty much handle every use case? This is nothing but a monetization money grab for paid podcasts. It brings nothing to the table for normal podcasts like the Android Central podcasts. Seriously, do not want more suggestions from Google play.
  • This will only be helpful if the player includes faster play modes like Beyond pod. I listen to all my podcasts at 1.5x-2x. Most people I know do that. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What is the reasoning behind this?
  • The Chipmunk voice effect.
  • Oh, I thought it was something serious
  • It is serious. I listen to podcasts at 2x speed most of the time. The app adjusts voices so that it's only faster, not higher pitched, so there's no 'chipmunk' effect at faster speeds.
  • Getting through them faster. I can't handle them at 1.5x, but I do speed most of mine up. Usually around 1.2x, which doesn't distort voices while cutting down on the total time.
  • Damned linear communication methods! I wouldn't do that, but I'm with you in other ways. I absolutely hate when news websites try to make me watch a video rather than reading my news. Listening to it would be just as frustrating. That's just because I can get through the information so much faster by reading. That is one of the reasons why I like this particular site: few videos.
  • I won't leave you Pocketcast... Don't worry. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep. It's great that Google is finally doing this, but I have a hard time seeing Play giving me a better experience than Beyoncé does currently. Posted via the Android Central App Edit: That is the best autocorrect mishap I've had in ages. BeyondPod.
  • And here I was thinking there was something between you two. Posted via TCP/IP
  • There was. I liked it, but alas, I didn't put a ring on it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I was hoping there was a podcast app called Beyonce. Posted via the Android Central App via the LG G4
  • that is the best auto correct ever!
  • Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • Funny thing was that I I'm listening to a Beyonce song as I read this! Lol! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I agree, I'm glad GP will have this option, but PocketCasts is the best
  • Same Posted via the Android Central App
  • Very excited about this. Cant wait to have access to my podcasts at work again. Let's hope for some synchronization between the mobile app and the website so we can pick up and listen where we left off without the hassle of trying to remember where i was in the podcasts.
  • Hopefully a UI refresh also. I'm ready for the design they showed off with material design. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Your never gonna see that design it was just a example of what a music player could look like with material design Posted via the Android Central App
  • Hopefully they will launch Play Music in India. Having said that I currently use Podcast Addict for my daily fix and Google has to really work hard to beat Pa Posted via the Android Central App
  • I hope they support downloads to a SD card.
  • Seriously this. Can't imagine them not though.
  • Free or with subscription? Posted via TCP/IP
  • I don't see how it could be subscription since the podcasts are free already. But you never know what google might dish out for those that pay for google music.
  • With subscription; if they did it with YouTube videos why wouldn't they do it with podcasts?
  • I haven't bit the bullet on play music yet, but when this happens.... I'm in.. Can't wait Posted via the Android Central App
  • Gonna be hard for me to stray from Pocket Cast.... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah... But that extra fee just for the web player.
  • I don't get the "pod" part of the name. Are they casting pods? What kind of pods? Are these pods safe? Is there any kind of USDA or FDA oversight of these pods? Is Donald Sutherland involved in any way?
  • I believe it comes from iPod but someone feel free to correct me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • According to dictionary.com, you are correct.
  • Then that is actually kind of funny. We had iPods (the big ones with the screen and big wheel) BEFORE the iPhone correct? So I guess you could download them from iTune to your iPod to listen too. Interesting.
  • Somehow I've never listened to even one podcast, but being in the same place I go for all of my music will open that world up for me. Only very minor regret with GM was not getting in earlier with a discount. Not very often do you keep getting more benefits to a subscription without paying more.
  • How nostalgic. I hated them for taking away Google Listen. It is coming back to me! The icon is even very similar. GS6 via AC App
  • I'm a little confused. I already have podcasts available on GPM on my phone. I can select Bill Simmons' podcast, too, and a whole bunch of others that you'd expect. I read the article, but is there something here that i'm not getting?
  • Can you post some screenshots on the forum? It would be interesting to see how they implement this.
  • If there's a particular place in the forum that'd be best for this, I can send in some screenshots, sure.
  • I posted a question in the forum, "What does the new Google Play Music podcasts look like?" It would be cool if you posted there in the forum.
  • I've done just that on your question in the forum.
  • Thanks man, I have a feeling that the post or your video might be viewed a lot now in the next couple days.
  • Maybe you can select ones that you have downloaded from another app? GPM is a regular media player as well. This article is referring to GPM providing podcasts, like Google Listen used to do. GS6 via AC App
  • Right, I get that. I do use PocketCasts for my podcasts, but one day I was listening to music in GPM and went into the hamburger menu and saw "Podcasts." I thought it was already out there for everyone, and so I started poking around. All the major podcasts you'd expect are on there with descriptions, individual episode listings, etc.
  • I just ditched DoggCatcher after five years and shelled out for Podcast Addict. I need to get five years out of paying for that app before I try the Googleriffic offering. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Might just be able to replace Podkicker for me. I would love to have one less app installed. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I can't believe how much I'm using Google Play Music these days. Including podcasts will seal the deal for me. I'll be using Tunein radio less and less. Dam It Feels Good To Be A Google Gangster
  • They'll have to have something pretty special for me to give up Pocket Casts. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well you can use both..... Just saying Dam It Feels Good To Be A Google Gangster
  • How about the ability to sync on the web without having to pay again for the web app? That would cause me to stop using Pocket Cast. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Let's hope so. Been a bit of time. Posted via the Android Central App
  • We launched our podcast about the same time as the first announcement back in October and were really hoping Google would start this soon... So we always say "and coming soon to Google Play". Through the months it's just become a part of the show to talk about when it will be available on Google Play! Hopefully we will be able to finally say "and NOW on Google Play" -Jared
  • Can't wait to try it. I'll still stick with Pocket Cast but if Play Music comes up comparable then I'll stick to the one music app. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What's the appeal of podcasts Posted via the Android Central App
  • I love podcasts because you can stay up to date with the topics you love and still have your busy life. I listen/watch podcasts on may way to/from work, when I'm waiting somewhere, when having lunch, exercising... You can find podcasts about almost everything. I listen to the Bill Maher show, news, politics, science, computer programming... Try it one day.
  • First, I think it helps if you like listening to talk radio (sports, news, NPR, etc.) Second, if you have a good time slot available like a long work commute or going for a walk. I used to burn through a lot of podcasts while walking the dog. Other than that I don't listen to them unless I'm doing something like unloading the dish washer. Podcasts are great for digging a little deeper into guilty pleasures. One of my favorite podcasts is a wife/husband that review every episode of Survivor. It really adds to my enjoyment of the show, because locally I have few people interested in it. Fantasy baseball podcasts have helped me win my league a few times. I've been using Podcast republic. It is is passable. For content discovery I still prefer iTunes, so if anyone knows a better app let me know.
  • What's the appeal of radio? Or television? Posted via the Android Central App
  • If it can be as good as BeyondPod, I'm down.
  • Well, if this qualifies for my T-Mo free streaming as it's from GPMAA, then I stop downloading podcasts only over WiFi and start streaming instead, so there's that advantage for some,...
  • I would be willing, to take a look at it when it launches. However, I seriously doubt that it will be any better than Beyond Pod or Pocketcast. I'll more than likely stick with those instead. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Dear Google, Make sure you roll this out internationally or dont do it.
  • Um, I feel your pain but please don't say that no one can have it if you can't.
  • Anyone have this roll their way yet? Posted via the Android Central App
  • wow, this is would be a fantastic addition.
  • Why not a separate app, like things are on Windows Phone?
  • Tweet deleted...damn...was looking forward to this. Posted via the Android Central App