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The Platonic ideal of a smartphone [#acpodcast]

This week, Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, and Russell Holly dig in with the OnePlus 5T and try to figure out why it seems like almost all smartphones are starting to look alike. They also talk about the importance of buying a phone for what it can do now — not what it might be capable of later.

Google is in the news once again with another trust and reputation-violating faux pas. This time, it's been secretly collecting users’ cell tower locations.

Finally, friends don’t let friends buy a cheap, crappy Android tablet this Holiday season. What are the best options, if any? Check out this week’s show!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all... Good podcast - enjoyed the commentary. I do think beta tests and testers are absolutely necessary - I think that should be accepted without question. That said, the betas should be looking for edge cases and should be fairly stable by then. 'Unit testing' should be mandatory and should be done long before the first beta version is released. My Bluetooth headphones (buttons) wouldn't stop, pause, resume playback correctly until after the November update - interesting, that's with big G. That's why I like frequent updates. So what's left for OnePlus, Huawei? Are they big enough to create their own Eco system and be successful? Do they join into an established Eco system or just make a fine phone for less money? Yes, if they make a public statement or promise, they should back it up. Location services; as an example Waze uses that for navigation and for adds appropriate for the town or city you are currently in. So I'll say (guess) the basis is for monetary gain in advertising and Google will more than likely back it with analytics... Time accounted for being in one place could be the time spent in a specific store and or with specific interests... ??? You can spin this in so many ways... Yes - a violation of trust is still - a violation.
  • Just to repeat - time accounted in a place is to - feed the passion - in personal adds... That's what I would do... as a developer getting maximum returns...
  • Maaaan... I can't tell if AC even likes Android/Google or hates them lately. The passive-aggressive commentary and tone the last few weeks .. Sheesh.
  • Which is actually a big reason I still come here... The writers and editors will actually call stuff out rather than just defend Android and Google to a fault. Alex even started the whole pixel 2 XL burn in fiasco (lol). Google screwed up, it shouldn't be swept under the carpet. I want someone to well me the news in Android and give honest opinions, not mindlessly put it on a pedestal.
  • They are only guilty of being honest. It's my favorite tech podcast for that reason. If you want fanboy go to YouTube.
  • Fun and interesting podcast, even if some of the subject matter wasn't too palatable. Think it's the first time I've heard Mr Bader get truly salty lol. Though it was quite warranted.