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Don't be surprised if it doesn't blow your socks off [#acpodcast]

Daniel Bader and Andrew Martonik welcome Mobile Nation’s newest member to the show — Associate Video Editor Hayato Huseman!

Hayato talks with the gang about their experience and initial testing of the OnePlus 5T, which was recently unveiled in New York City. A modest update to the OnePlus 5, the 5T is marketed as a $499 flagship. It may not fully comparable with phones like the Galaxy S8 and Pixel 2, but the price is far more accessible.

They also discuss the enthusiast community’s disappointment with the Razer Phone and Daniel’s impressions of iPhone X. To wrap things up, Andrew gives us the skinny on Google’s Pixel Buds.

  • It's always interesting to me how those of us on subsidized carriers face a different dilemma than is often portrayed and have to think differently about our choise. Often a review will cite that 499 is a huge savings over the cost of a Pixel 2xl or a Note8 (and it is, and the reviewers are right to say that), but on my Verizon plan the pixel xl2 is 349, the note8 is 449, so even though I like the 5T at 499 it's not really a bargain in my case. Really struggling with the option of those 3 devices, although I know the fans of each will say it's a no-brainer 😉
  • Nope on the 1+ since it is not a VZW compatible device. BTW, how do you get those prices on the Note8 and Pixel 2 on Verizon?
  • That's right, not Verizon compatible . . It's business account pricing, we still have subsidized prices and 10 month upgrade cycles . . Very fortunate
  • Nice on the device pricing!
  • Ya it's really quite nice but I don't like to say much here because it's not of general interest to others; got my LG G6 for 99, OG Pixel and XL are 79 and 199 right now, unlimited data is around 45/mo . . Too many good choices
  • Is my jealousy showing?🤤
  • If trade in an eligible phone to Verizon you get 50% off the XL 2 and Note 8 spread over 24 months in bill credits.
  • Yep. One of my phones is 25% off, and the Essential is not listed. I am old hat at selling devices for near the same money and not doing the 24 month stuff. I am actually happy with the PH-1 right now. It is often $395 new on Swappa.
  • No it's not. It's a 349 rental. You get nothing unless you complete the 2 year agreement, which is retail.
  • C'mon man.... You don't understand.... The $449 you mentioned for a Note 8 is only your down payment... The rest of the Note 8 cost is paid by you over your 24 month contract. If you paid full price for the Note 8 when first received, then your monthly cell phone bill would be lower. The $499 for the 5T is it's full retail price.... Thus it is about half the cost of your Note 8 option. Of course price matters. There is no shame if you can not afford the cost of a high end Note 8 or iPhone X... Hell, given both will be heavily discounted this time next year, neither have any long term value... But consumers who are able, like new stuff. The 5T has a lot to offer for its price.... But the same discount argument applies... It will be heavily discounted a year from now... And that is my point... If your budget conscious, buy a discounted premium phone released the previous year.... Many, many people do. In your case, consider buying the Note 8 in December, 2018.
  • The Note 8 is $0 down and the full price of the phone is paid off over 24 months. A lot of people find that preferable to paying $500 up front.
  • I'm not surprised. If the phone isn't labeled Samsung these hacks would never write that something "blows their socks off".
  • Why don’t you listen to get some actual context before disparaging people?
  • People rarely bother to read a three-paragraph article before spewing bile in the comments, much less listen to a whole podcast.
  • Hi. My name is Rodney, and I'm a trolloholic. 😀
  • Lol.... What layzeeboy said.
  • Oh but it does! One plus performs even better than a Pixel.
  • Is there anyone who has spent enough time with the 5T to make that assessment?
  • No.
  • But it does though. Not that it matters, but oneplus's phones have been winning silly little speed tests against pretty much everyone including the iPhone for the last year since the launch of the OP3. Their software is impressively optimized. The OP5 proved faster than the P2XL as well. Though most of that is due to the OP5 having twice the RAM of the 2XL
  • Real world performance tops unrealistic speed tests. No opens eight games and multitasks between the eight of them.
  • I never said it was relevant
  • Maybe true on day one, may be different on day 365.
    My Samsung phones where always fast for a day or two.
  • These are not Samsung phones, though. They aren't subject to the same slowdown. I have a Oneplus 3 that was bought at launch that's still smooth and solid way past day 365.
  • Apples and oranges imo.
  • You guys don't use hangouts anymore?
  • It's been audio-only for a long time now.
  • Not for a couple years now.
  • I miss the videos :(
  • I miss my 20's.
  • I miss my 50's
  • Ah bummer. Miss the hangouts.
  • Next podcast can you guys talk about what you'd rather buy, a $500 1+5T or a $650 Pixel 2? I'm just curious what you think. Is the $150 difference good in either direction?