Android Central Podcast Ep. 60

Thing 1 - The HTC EVO 3D

  • Sprint HTC EVO 3D initial review
  • Sprint HTC EVO 3D video hands-on
  • Sprint revises EVO 3D video capture specs to 720p

Thing 2 - The HTC Sensation 4G

  • HTC Sensation review (European version)

Thing 3 - The next Nexus device

  • Rumored 'Nexus 4G' specs are juicy, but will they hold up?


  • Eugene's voicemail
  • Jaime's voicemail
  • Jeremy's voicemail
  • Ken's voicemail
  • Randy's voicemail
  • Trevor's voicemail
  • android central guys love your work big question have you ever thought of making your own app would be great if you did
  • what type of app? theyA have news widget, AC app and tapatalk ssupport which is the best way to use on any forum on a mobile devices
  • I can't ever get AC podcasts to download correctly via Listen. They always stop early on and play havoc on the app. Deleting the podcast and starting over doesn't work. I always have to get it directly. I don't have problems with other podcasts. Am I alone here?
  • I use listen and have no issues I'm on DroidX CM7
  • Interesting. This time around I got 4MB downloaded and Listen basically thought that was the whole thing. I don't remember if that's exactly how much it downloads every time and quits, but that's how it always behaves. Deleting the podcast from within the app does nothing, and clearing the app data only lets it start the farked up process all over again. It doesn't do this with the Buzz Out Loud and 404 podcasts that I listen to daily. I always end up downloading the mp3 direct & listening to it through the music player as a workaround, but it's cludgy. I wish I could get it on Listen like the others, since I like the app.
  • Try stitcher
  • love this podcast keep up the good work guys
  • why can't I +1 this?