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Top o' the news - Sprint Kyocera event

  • Sprint Kyocera Echo first impressions
  • Hands-on with the Sprint Kyocera Echo
  • Sprint Kyocera Echo event in pictures
  • More details on Sprint Kyocera Echo price
  • Sprint Kyocera Echo presentation

Hardware news

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play official -- officially coming at Feb. 13 MWC event
  • Sony Ericsson Neo hands-on, announcement details leaked
  • More HTC Thunderbolt cases; still no phone
  • INQ's Cloud Touch Facebook phone gets brief hands-on, uses Spotify for music
  • Samsung Galaxy Indulge arrives on MetroPCS this week for $399
  • Samsung Gem now available from Alltel Wireless
  • HTC Desire HD now available from TELUS
  • Android 2.3.3 SDK platform intros new NFC capabilities

Tablet news

  • Motorola's full Xoom Super Bowl ad
  • Moto Xoom at Best Buy Feb 24, with $799 price tag

Software news

  • Angry Birds Valentine's Day edition available now via an update
  • EB01 Froyo for the Verizon Fascinate leaked, rooted and ready to try
  • HTC Droid Eris forever! CM7 port released
  • Rumor puts official Froyo update for the Sprint Epic 4G on Feb. 21
  • Froyo EA11 leaks out for the U.S. Cellular Samsung Mesmerize
  • U.S. Cellular releases Froyo update for the HTC Desire

Google news

  • Update: Google IO sells out in 59 minutes!
  • Google rolling out two-step account security using your Android phone
  • I agree with Ashley Esqueda's comments in this podcast in regards to OS implementation. I'm concerned about all the flavours of the OS as B1aze stated as well. Too much going on. How as consumers, even us geeks, can keep up with this and invest our money wisely in devices. Are supposed to stay with only phones that can run cyanogenmod's just in case the manufacturer stops support early? We don't need skins just make the hardware good like Ashley stated. Compete with hardware just like Moto is doing with the Atrix. Push the envelope not with just skins. Why not just have themes and skins as an alternative in the market? Desktop Windows and OSX standard is good and if you want to theme it go ahead. Ashley and B1aze are on the money. The OS should be stock enough to update it when possible and not delayed due to skins being updated. This should be an option and not be forced on users. Motoblur has always been hated and what does Moto do? Bring out the Atrix. They know just bringing out another Motoblur slab is not good enough. It's the hardware in and out. This is what I want manufacturers to focus on, the amazing hardware not crappy skins. Ashley stated it perfectly. Basic consumers mostly want something pretty and functional. Us geeks want to know we can get updates and be open to customizations and not just good looking hardware. We as consumers need to voice our concerns with our dollars. I think this situation will get worse as Google keeps busy with all the different versions of Android and we're going to be stuck with 2.2, 2.3 or 3.0 devices on the market. I feel they want us to stop asking when we'll get the next update for our devices and direct that question to the manufacturer always. Google can't just create the OS and throw it out there and it's up to manufacturers to do what they want. Poor excuse. We don't need the Android market to turn into the Linux market. Imagine if Nokia took Windows phone 7 and did what they wanted and turned it into a bad experience that affected the rest of the market? Microsoft would be pissed. I wonder if there will be a group of us who turn against Google because the manufacturers had their run with the OS and turned it into crap? Maybe WebOS still has a chance! Ah, just my 2 cents from listening to the podcast. Oh, and what's up with the slow marketplace lately since the 2.2.2 update on the nexus one?!
  • another great podcast! i just wanted to let you know that i really appreciate the way you stick to talking about android in all of your podcasts, and when you do mention another os you dont waste your time attacking it. i listen to your podcast because i want to hear what is going on in the android world, not to hear you bash ios or webos, etc. i have owned several android devices and loved them but recently i switched to the iphone 4 as i wanted to try something different for a change until the next generation of android hardware hits the streets. i tried your sister site out, tipb, and cannot believe the difference in podcasts between yours and theirs. they are constantly talking about android and 9/10 times it is negative, and quite often less informed than you would think. again, thank you for just sticking to android and for not bashing other prodcuts in order to make android look better.
  • Gah... I am begging you to *not* have Ashley on the netcast ever again. As a so-called 'media expert', I critique audio/video professionals and offer comments to our customers. Today's co-host Ashley uttered the word 'like' about 150 times during AC #50 (and I listened 2x speed, so I probably missed another 50). I fully understand young folks are usually podcast hosts, and young folks tend to have degraded vocal skills, but having her on the show was a definite minus. Feel free to delete as you see fit...
  • I disagree, she brought in another view. We all have different opinions about tech, the more different, the better. Bring her in Phil.
  • As a so called "media expert", you should have noticed that she brought a good balance to the podcast. Since you offer professional critques, if the best you can do is "Gah.....", maybe a different line of employment is in your near future.
  • I am no media expert, but I completely agree with gonzlobo. I tried to listen to This Week in Mobile after she took over and could not stand it. She said the same thing we have already heard a dozen times on this and other podcasts. And that is like a totally like true like story.
  • I'm new to the Android and e Android Central podcast so maybe I'm a bit too ignorant on this, but whats with the angry girl on the show spewing hatred about everything for no logical reason? "I hate the Echo" "I hate Slow Software Updates" "I hate David Blain". I couldnt finish the episode because it felt like all the things this person hates is the stuff that makes Android stand out from the rest of the industry.roid. Phone Choice:
    -As someone switching from two good OS's (WebOS/iOS) with very limited hardware then I really dont understand the anger because thats the beauty of Android. If you want a choice in size, input, form factor, (and now) screen count then theres a phone for you. And who's to say this concept isn't the future and we're seeing step 1 to foldable tablets? Echo OS Updates:
    - The phone that convinced me to switch to Android is the Epic which is STILL stuck on 2.1. And you know what? It still provides an amazing experience. But the girl acted as if 2.2 on the Echo is the end of the world and proceeded with an unfounded hissy fit about the OS updates. And in the Android world then I think "power users" like her (ha ha) will more likely change handsets quick enough that a lack of 2.4 won't be a big deal. Fake Cutting Edge Users:
    - Android has a healthy amount of hardcore users. But most people who claim to be cutting edge are usually posers who are more about bragging about the "latest and greatest" rather then actually getting work done.
    - The biggest features of the Echo is "simultasking" and this is no gimmick. Being able to spread apps over 2 screens or run 2 separate apps are huge steps in increasing productivity. Yet the podcast girl ignores the possibilities and instead cries and cries about how she can't get 2.3 on the phone she isn't planning on buying. Seriously? If you don't get the concept then why get emotional over it? David Blain:
    - Well, this has nothing to do with Android but her anger towards the mere fact that he was there was obnoxious. I'm not a big Blain fan, but I'm sure that any media journalist would prefer to see a wacky magic act or an ABBA tuba cover band rather than 40min of a stuffy overpaid CEO nervously flip through slides about sales figures. So why whine about something that you weren't even forced to see? This wasn't for us, this was entertainment for those attending (and from what I read then it was odd but pretty entertaining). Anyway, I like the host enough to try another week. But if I cant mentally block out the incessant whining then I will reluctantly unsubscribe.
  • AC50 was only time she's been on the show (as far as I know). Just stick with the 3 regulars.
  • Ashley was a good addition to the podcast. Have her back.
  • Phil, Please don't have that Ashley chick on the show again. It was "like" almost unbearable. I almost had to "like" stop listening. Btw, not a real big fan of Blaze either. In my opinion, Android Central Podcast is beginning to get a little crowded with the recent addition of Corey also. One more is just too much. I know, this is just my opinion, but I decided to share it anyway. Thanks for the great show. It's the best android podcast out there. -JD