Android Central Podcast Ep. 79: Galaxy Nexus, Kindle Fire and Google Music

Thing 1: Galaxy Nexus is finally here! (sort of)

  • Today is Galaxy Nexus day in the UK
  • Verizon's Galaxy Nexus revealed to be unsurprisingly thicker than its GSM counterpart
  • Galaxy Nexus features explored in new instructional videos
  • So how well does the Galaxy Nexus stand up against keys?

Thing 2: Amazon Kindle Fire is here!

  • Root the Kindle Fire using SuperOneClick
  • How-To: Enable ADB on your Kindle Fire (Windows)
  • Kindle Fire runs third-party launchers just fine, thank you very much
  • Android Market on the Kindle Fire? Done!
  • Root your Kindle Fire, kiss Amazon streaming video goodbye
  • Editorial: Dear Amazon, usernames and passwords exist for a reason

Thing 3: Google Music redux

  • Google revamps Google Music with an actual store
  • First look at the updated Google Music app
  • Google Music Artist Hub allows independent artists full distribution to millions
  • Google Music to offer exclusive content from big artists
  • EMI, Universal, Sony and many more on board to provide content for Google Music
  • T-Mobile offers more free tracks via Google music store to customers until the end of the year
  • Details released on current regional limitations of Artist Hub
Phil Nickinson