Android Central Podcast Ep. 73

Thing 1: CTIA preview

  • Did Samsung just tease us all with a glimpse of the Nexus Prime?
  • Galaxy Nexus specs possibly revealed -- but they're really not the important part
  • Samsung bringing contact charging back to the Nexus?
  • First 'Nexus Prime' photo leak shows buttonless device with 720p display
  • 'Return of the Titans' - CEOs from Sprint, Verizon and AT&T lead CTIA keynote

Thing 2: HTC Sensation XL

  • HTC announces the Sensation XL with Beats Audio
  • Hands-on with the HTC Sensation XL
  • HTC Sensation XL specs
  • HTC Sensation XL gallery

Thing 3: HTC's little permissions problem

  • HTC collecting data in U.S. phones with HTC Sense, storing it in a very sloppy way
  • HTC: Fix is on the way for security flaw

Thing 4: Other odds and ends

  • The already-struggling Google TV just found itself in a deeper hole
  • Big Android BBQ Video Recap!
Phil Nickinson
  • Seeing the classic android central logo. Happy.
  • so.. what happened? i stopped watching cuz it stopped streaming
  • Awesome poddy as usual gentlemen. I'm so so very glad that you guys didn't spend an hour talkin' about Steve Jobs like some other tech-blogger (yes thisismynext/Verge I'm lookin' straight at you) and rightfully so Phil. I respect the man's business accomplishments and what he's achieved in the tech industry, but he is not God. He didn't cure cancer (obviously). He didn't resolve world hunger. He didn't make the world at peace. Now I paid my respects to Mister Jobs the best way I know how, but I will not praise him as a deity. He is nowhere near the league of real world-changers like Martin Luther King Jr or Ghandi or Franklin Roosevelt. Anywho... Always a pleasure to listen to you guys spit truth. Cheers.