Android Central Podcast Ep. 73

Thing 1: CTIA preview

  • Did Samsung just tease us all with a glimpse of the Nexus Prime?
  • Galaxy Nexus specs possibly revealed -- but they're really not the important part
  • Samsung bringing contact charging back to the Nexus?
  • First 'Nexus Prime' photo leak shows buttonless device with 720p display
  • 'Return of the Titans' - CEOs from Sprint, Verizon and AT&T lead CTIA keynote

Thing 2: HTC Sensation XL

  • HTC announces the Sensation XL with Beats Audio
  • Hands-on with the HTC Sensation XL
  • HTC Sensation XL specs
  • HTC Sensation XL gallery

Thing 3: HTC's little permissions problem

  • HTC collecting data in U.S. phones with HTC Sense, storing it in a very sloppy way
  • HTC: Fix is on the way for security flaw

Thing 4: Other odds and ends

  • The already-struggling Google TV just found itself in a deeper hole
  • Big Android BBQ Video Recap!
Phil Nickinson