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Android Central 152: The LG G2 podcast special

The thing: The LG G2

  • Verizon G2 review
  • AT&T G2 review
  • Verizon and AT&T versions rooted
  • Long-pressing those crazy buttons will open apps
  • Verizon version already has an update.
  • Carrier IQ says hello on AT&T.
  • The G2 sounds interesting. Look forward to hearing what you think. Posted via Android Central App
  • Where is the post live video? Posted via Android Central App
  • Guess every phone is not made the same because my G2 which I just got today is very easy to hit the power button on the back.(verizon just left sprint) *TIP* you start from the bottom you can clearly feel the bottom button which means the power is *gasp* next.
  • I totally agree. It's not difficult at all to hit the intended buttons on my Verizon G2. I totally love this phone in every way (except the bloat).
  • The negative comments I don't get. It's the same size as DNA. The buttons have prevented me from changing volume all the time. And the size is great. 5.2 screen was worth it. The screen is gorgeous. I don't want side buttons any more. Some of software is unnecessary but overall a winner. Battery all day and night with lots of screen on time. I also am bummed that Verizon is a slightly different size so case options are limited. This is a flagship on Verizon on there now. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just because its about the same size as the Droid DNA doesn't mean it can't be too big for Jerry and I's hands. This is a big phone — it may be a worthwhile tradeoff for you, but that doesn't mean the phone isn't large.
  • Thanks for doing the live podcast guys. Podcasting about individual flagship phones is a terrific idea and can really help people decide if they want to make the jump to that particular phone or not. Excellent.
  • I like the single device focus of the podcast on occasion. Not every time, but when warranted. G2 made sense and got back to that Thurs night time old times. I played with the Verizon G2 in store and found it difficult to get my finger on the intended button had the security thing on it and I only used it for a short period. I could see moving the power button to the top and keeping the volume buttons on the back on the next gen, but as is, I don't like it. This will make a great framework for the Nexus 5 though...Snapdragon 800, good camera, LTE and 3000mah battery would solve the majority of the past Nexus shortcomings if optimized to any degree.
  • My nexus 4 has no shortcomings. I get up to 5 hour screen on time on a 18 hour day. I get LTE. So what shortcomings? Posted via Android Central App
  • I liked this alot guys. I think AC should do a podcast like this for now on, for High Profile Android smartphones ONLY. This is a great way to answer alot of questions that the followers have. You guys have convinced me that this may be my next phone on Verizon. IF there is no Verizon N5.
    Another note. Check Spigen for LG G2 cases. They do sell a thin armor and screen protectors. HTC + high end Quad-Core Power= Happiness
  • Can't wait to pick a white one up, I have been counting down the days and today they are finally on sale in Canada :) Great show guys, keep up the great work.
  • Really enjoyed the one-off podcast. Thanks.
  • Awesome job guys. It really is a cool way to get the answers on the newest phones. Straight up, no holds barred questions. Looking forward to the Note 3 one today!
  • Loved the podcast! Realistic and conversational! Posted via Android Central App
  • I have a strong suspicion that the excessive idle battery drain has something to do with a location service somewhere. I had two instances of excessive idle drain, which a reboot cleared up, but since I made some tweaks, my G2 just sips power when idle. My most recent experience off the charger was 50 hours (still had 15% left) with 5 hours of screen on time. It can be pretty hard to nail down specifically where the issue is though.
  • Good podcast! I'm not concerned about the button placement so much, but more about the power button itself in relation to the volume buttons. Will I be able to distinguish it enough to not bother me too much? Also, I can see the benefit of having the buttons in the back as it utilizes the bezel space better. It pretty much comes down to this one (which I would root and flash a custom ROM likely) or the Nexus 5.
  • I can't speak for the Verizon modification, but I can say with the standard button design, it's quite easy to distinguish the power button. On the standard design, the power button has a slight hump to it, which is easy to pick up with your finger as different from the volume buttons. Also, the power button is made of a different material, which further helps the distinction. I will finish with this however ... In two weeks with the device I can count the number of times I've pressed the power button on one hand. With knock on/off, it's rarely, if ever, needed outside of powering the phone down or rebooting it.
  • It is pretty easy to pick out the button, I have the Verizon version of the phone. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just want to report that I got T-Mobile LG2 2 days ago and it has Carrier-IQ too.. Battery life is NOT good either.
  • Been getting reports that maps is constantly running in the background which causes sub par battery life. Try disabling maps Posted via Android Central App
  • I have T-Mo LG G2 and I dont' see Carrier IQ in app draw and I have great battery life... Would the app be? called something else? thanx! BTC
  • Well I used better battery stats , check partialwakelock, I saw: COM.carrieriq.tmobile.wakelock I believe that is carrier iq , am I right? Posted via Android Central App
  • Great podcast! Jerry and Andrew really hit it. Posted via Android Central App