Android Central 122: The CES hangover, ridiculous Nexus rumors

Thing 1: CES postmortum

  • Keeping CES in perspective
  • Every Android Central CES video in one convenient post
  • NVIDIA News Roundup from CES
  • Mitts on with the almighty Android oven
  • Sony Xperia Z hands-on

Thing 2: Nexus news

  • AT&T offering $100 credit for signing 2-year contract with HSPA+ Nexus 7
  • Official Nexus 4 wireless charging orb appears at Norwegian retailer, Feb. release slated Nexus 7 docking station seemingly sold out at ASUS UK
  • LG Mobile France director talks Nexus 4 supplies, Optimus G Euro launch
  • LG Korea: No problems with Nexus 4 supply
  • Why the Nexus 4 production rumors were bullshit

Thing 3: Other things

  • Lode Runner Classic hits Android
  • Carbon (the Android Twitter app) may yet live on
  • Updates start to push for Samsung's Exynos exploit
  • As an answer to the first voice mail (Andrew), who was looking for a way to stream media from his home comp to his Xbox and Nexus 7. Hopefully the caller is looking at these comments becuase he should definitley try out the program Plex. You run it on your PC, show it to where your videos are kept, it will aggregate metadata for all your files from the internet, and then stream them over your LAN. The Plex app for android cost $4.99 and it works perfectly. The Plex program will also allow you to watch the streamed media from your Xbox. To access it on your Xbox (I am not at home so this is not the exact description) you want to hit the Xbox button on your controller while on the Dashboard, then hit RB, then select the top option [it says something along the lines of 'system video player'] and if your Plex server is running on your computer it will show up in the list of servers on the Xbox. Be aware that the Xbox being old technology has limitations in streaming that is not the falut of Plex nor can be fix by them. It is something Microsoft could address but just never did. Hopefully they do a better job (which I would bet they will) with the next iteration of the Xbox. tl;dr Download Plex -> set up server -> stream media Oh, and if you want to go with just a file browser type of setup (Should definitley try Plex first), search for "zumocast" in your favorite search engine.
  • The guy in your first call was giving you guys props for making him look good in front of his peers because of the knowledge he learns from ac and the podcast. Just saying.
  • I second this. I'm pretty sure it was the biggest compliment that anyone could pay you guys. Android Central is where I get the vast majority of my android knowledge and I cannot tell you how many times friends have come to me with android questions because they think I have some sort of special knowledge. Nope. I just read AC a lot. You guys make everyone look good =)
  • Guys, I know this is going to be controversial but I have to say it. I like your show. I have listened for a while and I think you do a great job of covering the world of Android. But I will get to my point: I think you guys are way too easy on Nvidia. I will say that I come to you with experience with one Android device--A t-mobile G2x which had the promise of being a great android experience. But Nvidia refuses to work with developers and so there is no dev that will make a legit ICS or JB experience for this phone. I know that LG and t-mo are equal parts to blame for this(LG never supported this phone and T-mo abandoned it after there were so many hardware complaints). But to hear you guys gushing about Nvidia strikes a really sour note when Nvidia is so incredibly closed source that Linus Torvalds famously gave a direction to NVidia that should not be repeated in polite company. I know that Nvidia sponsored trips for some to CES, but can you at least mention the negative side of this company? I don't expect you to be objective, but I do expect you to speak to the community, and in my little space of that community, Nvidia is not believed to be a willing participant in the Dev side of the android community.
  • Pretty sure we've talked about it before, but you're right -- it's a point worth remembering. But it's also unfair to apply it to products that aren't even available yet. And FWIW, those of us on the editorial side had nothing to do with the NVIDIA-sponsored fan contest thing, short of meeting the winners at dinner. That was kept completely separate.
  • Thanks Phil. I agree that past practice does not make a perfect prediction of future behavior, let's hope that they learn some things. I, for example, have learned to buy products that are wide open. Also, to be clear, I don't think anyone thinks that there was any sort of collusion or conspiracy with Nvidia. You guys don't strike me like that you are that organized(just kidding).
  • lol. We're exactly organized enough so that I can keep that sort of thing from happening. :p
  • An important addition to last week's podcast. We know, Andrew. We were kidding. Mostly. :)
  • Haha, awesome. (Also, really cool that you can embed that thing right in the comments.)
  • I personally think it would be funny to have a weekly heckler in the voicemails. :P