Android Central 122: The CES hangover, ridiculous Nexus rumors

Thing 1: CES postmortum

  • Keeping CES in perspective
  • Every Android Central CES video in one convenient post
  • NVIDIA News Roundup from CES
  • Mitts on with the almighty Android oven
  • Sony Xperia Z hands-on

Thing 2: Nexus news

  • AT&T offering $100 credit for signing 2-year contract with HSPA+ Nexus 7
  • Official Nexus 4 wireless charging orb appears at Norwegian retailer, Feb. release slated Nexus 7 docking station seemingly sold out at ASUS UK
  • LG Mobile France director talks Nexus 4 supplies, Optimus G Euro launch
  • LG Korea: No problems with Nexus 4 supply
  • Why the Nexus 4 production rumors were bullshit

Thing 3: Other things

  • Lode Runner Classic hits Android
  • Carbon (the Android Twitter app) may yet live on
  • Updates start to push for Samsung's Exynos exploit
Phil Nickinson