Android Central 100: Galaxy S III sorta in the U.S., Google IO is upon us

Thing 1: Galaxy S III in the U.S., sort of

Thing 2: Google IO coming up next week - our predictions!

  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean outed in Google Play Store listing, 'coming soon' to Galaxy Nexus

Thing 3: Lots and lots of voicemails

  • We love you all.
Phil Nickinson
  • Hey Richard,
    Just get a One X or a S3 and sell it for 500 to 600 dollars and buy a Galaxy Nexus GSM with HSPA+ or as At&t calls it "4G". And have yourself a bloatware free, At&t subsidized phone. Note: I usually get about 3 to 5 Mbps on At&t. That test above is not common.
  • Good show last night.. Glad to be apart of the Episode 100 Chat Room ;)
  • Bummed I missed the show last night. Oh well, congrats on your first 100 guys
  • During the podcast, they mention that "here is the US we can get unlimited everything, everything plan for around 30 euros with no contract" I've been trying to figure this out. I asked a verizon person via chat if there was any difference in plan if I paid full price for a phone and the response was that there is no difference. Thanks!