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What you need to know

  • Live Captions will be available at launch for the Pixel 4, and coming in an update to the Pixel 3 and 3a in December.
  • Live Captions are an Android 10 feature and could be making their way to non Google-branded phones in the future.
  • Transcribing text in realtime is a game-changer for archiving meetings, conversations, or other recorded audio and then being able to search through them later.

Among the very best reasons to own a Pixel 4 is the Live Caption feature. Google's built-in Assistant can completely transcribe audio into text in real time, providing a way for users to understand what's going on in a video, while making a phone call, or even while just trying to listen to voicemail in a noisy environment. It also provides a brand new way for users with disabilities to experience content that would otherwise be difficult or near impossible to interact with.

But it turns out that this feature is indeed something part of Android 10 and not entirely Pixel 4 exclusive. Android Police spoke with a Google representative at today's event and confirmed this to be the case. In fact, the Pixel 3 and significantly less powerful (and less expensive) Pixel 3a will also be getting the feature in just 2 months; at the end of December.

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While Google isn't citing a technical reason it won't be bringing it to the older Pixel line, it's certainly one reason that upgrading from your aging Pixel phone is a great idea this Fall.

Aside from just being an easier way to understand what's going on in muffled or stifled audio, Google is enhancing one notable app with Live Captions in a big way. The audio recorder app will be able to transcribe audio into text form using Live Captions, bringing about a brand new way to search for things that were said in a meeting or other place where you might want to record audio. This helps more clearly and cleverly archive conversations and meetings with powerful new search tools that aren't available anywhere else.

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