Pixel 2 XL review by MrMobile: Burn-in down the house

When Google announced its new Pixel smartphones, I knew right away that the bigger one was the phone for me. It packed a more modern design, a larger battery, and an exclusive paint job – plus, I'd already developed a fondness for its spiritual predecessor, the LG V30. What could go wrong?

Oh. That.

Flagship smartphone displays in 2017 are pretty good on the whole, so when a problem does pop up, usually it's pretty obvious. Sadly, that's been the case with most of the early Pixel 2 XL displays: whether it's blue-shifting, low saturation or the dreaded early burn-in/image persistence problem, this panel has had some issues. Which is a shame because, underneath that display, it's still the Pixel I prefer.

I'm MrMobile and this is the story of a very good smartphone tainted by a second-rate screen. Come see if it's still worth your time in my Pixel 2 XL review above, and then let Andrew and Alex take you for the full tour in Android Central's combined Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL review!

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