Pebble Locker updated to support Android Wear

Update: A second update — version 2.8.1 — has been pushed out to address crashing in the previous version.

It looks like third-party Pebble app Pebble Locker has been updated on Google Play to add support for Android Wear. The app, now in version 2.8, brings some bug fixes and adds the Android Wear compatibility in addition to working with the non-Android Wear Pebble smartwatch.

Similar to a feature that Google had announced for Android L, Pebble Locker allows your phone to function without a security lock when your Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch is paired and within range, allowing you to have security when you're away from your phone but the convenience of not having to enter a password when the phone knows it's you through your watch.

Android Wear compatibility had been unofficially available for Pebble Locker for some time now, but this is the first time that it's officially supported.

Are you looking to use Pebble Locker with your Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch?

Chuong H Nguyen