Opera Mobile update adds new themes, crypto wallet, and more

Opera Mobile's new themes
Opera Mobile's new themes (Image credit: Opera)

What you need to know

  • Opera's new user interface update includes rounder corners, faster animations, and smoother transitions.
  • 10 new color themes enhance light and dark modes with a splash of color throughout the user interface.
  • A cryptocurrency wallet is now built-in and users will be able to utilize their Bitcoin, Ethereum, or TRON cards on websites and to send money to friends and family.

Lately, headlines have been flooded with news of dark mode rolling out to more apps than ever, but Opera is looking to one-up other apps with its own take on dark mode. While Opera Mobile has offered a dark mode for some time now, this latest update improves the situation with a series of colorful themes that can be used in conjunction with both light and dark modes, adding a bit of flair to the boring old Internet.

In total, you'll find 5 colors to choose from that work on both dark and light themes: red, blue, grey, green, and purple. Each of these colors has a different tone that complements your choice of light or dark mode UI, and can all be enabled right in the appearance link in the menu. Light and dark modes will automatically switch based on your system setting in Android 10, or you can manually adjust them in any version of Android that Opera supports.

Opera is introducing a decidedly rounder UI this time around, too, foregoing the sharp lines of the previous UI design and bringing things more in line with what your phone's UI probably looks like. There are also faster, smoother animations that look less gaudy and keep website transitions flowing faster than ever.

Opera Mobile's enhanced Cypto wallet

Source: Opera (Image credit: Source: Opera)

To go with the free VPN service that Opera offers all users, the company is now offering native support for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON. With the new Crypto Wallet, you'll be able to add your Crypto cards for each of these three currencies right into Opera and utilize the wallet for any transactions that might support cryptocurrencies. This even includes sending money to friends, all without having to have an extra app for such a task. That adds in a level of privacy and security that other browsers simply don't.

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