Larry Page: "We're serious about protecting the Android ecosystem."

Google is in the middle of their Q3 earnings call, where they have announced that they are doing very well. During the Q&A, someone asked about the patent issues currently going on and what Google is going to do about them.

Larry Page, CEO, had a few things to say regarding the patent issues:

  • "We see our partners and our ecosystem growing hugely. Ultimately other companies actions will alienate their customers."
  • "We're serious about protecting the Android ecosystem."

Another question later on was pointed directly at Microsoft and the licensing deals they have been reaching with companies such as Samsung. Here is what he said:

  • "Rather than seeing Microsoft compete in the marketplace with their own phones, they continue resorting to legal measures to hassle their own customers. We haven’t seen the details of those agreements and I assume our partners are making good deals for themselves. We see Android growing Gangbusters and we don’t see anything that will stop that."

So, Android is growing remarkably well and he doesn't see Microsoft or any other company slowing that growth down any time in the near future.

Source: Google

Sean Brunett