Oreo update rolling out to Android Wear, already available on LG Watch Sport

Android Oreo's been out in the wild since August, and while we've seen a fair amount of phones updated with the new software, we've still been waiting on a public release for Android Wear. However, on December 6, Googler Hoi Lam took to Google+ to announce that Oreo for Android Wear is finally here.

Android Oreo for wearables isn't quite as drastic as the one for phones, but in any case, here's what to keep an eye out for with the new update:

  • Customizable vibration patterns for notifications
  • Touch lock feature for preventing touch screen inputs
  • Support for seven additional countries/languages
  • More notification channels
  • New background limits for improved battery life

Although Oreo is now available for Android Wear, Lam notes that it's still up to manufacturers to decide when to push it out to their hardware. Android Police reports that one user has already received the update on their LG Watch Sport, but it could be a while before other watches see similar treatment.

Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Nothing yet on the Fossil Q series...
  • Got it on Huawei Watch 2!
  • dude seriously! That wicked. left my watch at my in-laws so they had to ship it back to me... get it back tomorrow so that would be a nice treat
  • Nothing on mine. What's up with that!
  • So does your phone need to be on Oreo in order for your watch to get it?
  • nope it is independent
  • i realize the slow processor, but is there some other reason my original moto360 couldn't run this? come on, google/moto! the lack of ever getting updates makes me very much question whether i'd ever buy another wear device.
  • Just avoid Moto products if you want updates. Lenovo screwed that up for everyone.
  • Nothing yet on the original LG Watch Urbane LTE :(
  • Probably ain't gonna happen on my Asus Zenwatch 2.
  • Not yet on my LG Sport...
  • Same with my Sport. Coincidentally, and off topic, I haven't received the 12/5 OTA update for my Pixel 2 XL either...
  • Do you guys believe the original Huawei Watch will get it? The long vibration pattern would be useful, I miss most of the notifications...