OpenFeint announces huge growth over Christmas weekend

OpenFeint has announced that more than 5 million OpenFeint-enabled games were downloaded between iOS and Android over the four-day Christmas weekend. The service, a unified social gaming network, is added on top of games by developers looking to tap into the benefits of social gaming without having to launch and support their own platform. Of particular interest to us is the fact that Android OpenFeint game sales saw a very respectable 73 percent increase over previous average daily sales. Overall, the service grew 83 percent this year as Android support was launched and iOS saw continued growth. Check out the full press release past the break.

Mobile Games on iOS Experience 187% Spike in Downloads Over Christmas Holiday with Android Game Downloads up 73% According to Largest Mobile Social Gaming Platform, OpenFeintBurlingame, Calif. - December 31, 2010 - The holidays are always a good time for mobile apps. Between new mobile devices being given away and users with more free time, the holidays give app makers plenty of reason to celebrate. This year was no exception. Leading mobile social gaming platform, OpenFeint, added over 450,000 new users on Christmas day - a 184% spike over its daily average and the largest single day in its history. The days following Christmas showed a sustained significant increase in new users as well, as the network added nearly 1.4 million new users in just four days.All told, OpenFeint users downloaded more than 5 million OpenFeint enabled games during the 4-day stretch. The momentum crossed mobile operating platforms, with both Android and iOS substantially exceeding their daily averages, with Android growing by 73% and iOS by 187%.“We always expect a spike in downloads over the holidays as more people put games on new mobile devices,” says Jason Citron, CEO of OpenFeint. “This year showed an impressive increase as our user acquisition increased almost twofold around Christmas. New devices and free time make for more mobile gaming over the holidays.”OpenFeint user growth was also up substantially year over year for the four day holiday period. The network added 88% more users than a year ago, fueled by continued growth of iOS and the addition of Android to the network.“Heading into 2011, we expect our 55-million-strong user base to continue showing impressive growth as it has been,” says Peter Relan, chairman of OpenFeint. “We’ve grown six-fold since the beginning of last year and look forward to growing the largest mobile social gaming network.”About OpenFeint:OpenFeint is the largest mobile social gaming ecosystem for iOS and Android with over 55 million registered users and a presence in over 4,000 games. OpenFeint is backed by Intel Capital and The9. Developers interested in more information about OpenFeint and its leading mobile social gaming technology should visit

Kyle Gibb