One of the best Android podcast apps has been suspended from the Google Play Store [Update: It's back]

Update: It looks like Google has lifted its suspension as the Podcast Addict app is available to download again from the Google Play Store.

Original story: Podcast Addict, one of the best podcast apps for Android users, has been suspended from the Google Play Store. According to a message that was sent to the developer of the app by Google, Podcast Addict was found to be in violation of the store's "sexually explicit material provision of the Content Policy".

In a statement on the official Podcast Addict Facebook page, it states:

Like any app displaying 3rd party content, Podcast Addict allows you to see/watch/listen to explicit sexual content if you want to. The same applies to any web browser, podcast app, news app, search engine, ... But like those other kind of apps, podcast apps also allows you to get informed, to learn things, to be entertained, ...Podcast Addict was the #1 podcast app on the Play Store with 4M downloads, 175K reviews and an average rating of 4.6/5 The app almost had 500K daily users and more than 1M episodes were listened to everyday through the app...

Hopefully this situation will be rectified soon as merely a misunderstanding.

Source: Podcast Addict (Facebook)

John Callaham