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NVIDIA announces Project Shield

Android Central @ CES

Looks to ship in the second quarter of 2013

Here's why we love CES! NVIDIA has just shown off what they are calling Project Shield -- a dedicated Tegra 4 powered game center and more. It's a 7-inch clamshell device, running atop pure vanilla Android that sends you into a spin of Tegra game goodness at the push of a button. 

Packing a 720p multi touch display, and enough battery power to play up to 10 solid hours of games or 24 hours of HD video, Project Shield is all wrapped up into something we just haven't seen before. Full connectivity via standard ports -- like HDMI and USB, and a unique design to deliver great sound makes this one something to want. Being able to use it as a controller and connect to your TV drives it to the top of that want list.

Maybe even better, you can use the shield (as they are calling it now) to stream games from your computer with a GeForce card, through the shield (there's even Steam support, hello Linux lovers!) and out to a TV. This gets better and better as it goes along. If priced right, this will give conventional gaming systems a serious run for the money. 

Stay tuned to AC, because you know we're going to have to play with this one a bit! Hit the break to see a handful of awesome pics and the press release.

Gaming Portable for Open Platforms Designed for Gamers to Play When, Where, How They Want

LAS VEGAS—CES—Jan. 6, 2013—NVIDIA today announced Project SHIELD, a gaming portable for open platforms, designed for gamers who yearn to play when, where and how they want.

Created with the philosophy that gaming should be open and flexible, Project SHIELD flawlessly plays both Android and PC titles. As a pure Android device, it gives access to any game on Google Play. And as a wireless receiver and controller, it can stream games from a PC powered by NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX GPUs, accessing titles on its STEAM game library from anywhere in the home.

"Project SHIELD was created by NVIDIA engineers who love to game and imagined a new way to play," said Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder and chief executive officer at NVIDIA. "We were inspired by a vision that the rise of mobile and cloud technologies will free us from our boxes, letting us game anywhere, on any screen. We imagined a device that would do for games what the iPod and Kindle have done for music and books, letting us play in a cool new way. We hope other gamers love SHIELD as much as we do."

Project SHIELD combines the advanced processing power of NVIDIA Tegra® 4, breakthrough game-speed Wi-Fi technology and stunning HD video and audio built into a console-grade controller. It can be used to play on its own integrated screen or on a big screen, and on the couch or on the go.

Tegra 4 at Its Heart

At the core of Project SHIELD is the world's fastest mobile processor, the new NVIDIA Tegra 4, which delivers enormous power from its custom 72-core GeForce GPU and the first quad-core application of ARM's most advanced CPU core, the Cortex-A15. These, combined with its battery-saver core and energy-saving PRISM 2 technology, deliver hours of gameplay on a single charge.

Windows and Android Games

Windows and Android are the world's most successful computing platforms, with massive ecosystems of system and software developers. While not specifically designed for gaming, both open platforms have drawn gamers by the millions. Project SHIELD is designed to allow them to enjoy Android and Windows games in a new, exciting way.

Project SHIELD can instantly download Android games, including Android-optimized titles available on NVIDIA's TegraZone™ game store, which has already delivered more than 6 million downloads to gamers. It can also be used as a wireless game receiver to a nearby PC equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 GPU or higher.

Console-Grade Controller

Project SHIELD's ergonomic controller was built for the gamer who wants ultimate control and precision.

Retinal Gaming Display

Brilliant gameplay and video are provided by Project SHIELD's integrated 5-inch, 1280x720 HD retinal multitouch display, with 294 dpi. Plus, Tegra 4 with Direct Touch technology gives it touch responsiveness that is a more consistent, accurate and smooth-flowing touch input experience than a standard touch device. 

Tuned Port, Bass Reflex Portable Speaker System

Deep, rich audio is critical for a great gaming experience. And Project SHIELD provides fidelity and dynamic range never before available on a portable device, through its custom, bass reflex, tuned port audio system – with twice the low-frequency output of high-end laptops.

Project SHIELD can also access Android apps such as Hulu, Netflix and Slacker Radio, so users can enjoy their movies and music anywhere without expensive, clumsy wired or wireless speakers.

Support by Leading Industry Analyst

Patrick Moorhead, president and lead analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, said: "The market has waited years for a breakthrough gaming device that offers the flexibility, quality and total enjoyment of Project SHIELD. Few companies other than NVIDIA have the vision, guts and deep gaming experience to have pulled this off."

Support by Leading Game Developers

Yves Guillemot, co-founder and chief executive officer of Ubisoft, said: "Ubisoft is always excited about new hardware developments, and Project SHIELD promises to bring both mobile and PC gamers a great new gaming experience. Seeing the PC version of Assassin's Creed III run on the device is a great example of this, and further strengthens Ubisoft's long-standing relationship with NVIDIA."

Mark Rein, vice president and co-founder of Epic Games, said: "With Project SHIELD, NVIDIA brings an uncompromising, high-performance console experience to mobile devices. Amazing games including Real Boxing and Hawken, which utilize the latest Unreal Engine technology, look fantastic on Project SHIELD. This is just the beginning, and we're truly excited to see what more Unreal Engine developers will do with so much horsepower in such a compact gaming device."

Bill Wagner, chief production officer at Meteor Entertainment, said: "Coming from the openness of a PC platform, we love how accessible Project SHIELD is, and the flexibility it gives gamers everywhere. Project SHIELD gives us the cutting-edge ability to bring a huge free-to-play PC game like Hawken to the handheld gaming audience."

Support by Broader Industry

"Shadowgun and Dead Trigger showed how Tegra can redefine mobile gaming on Android. Project SHIELD's performance has allowed us to bring an even better experience with Dead Trigger 2, debuting first on Tegra 4 devices. Our fans are going to love it."

– Marek Rabas, chief executive officer of MADFINGER Games

"Project SHIELD has changed how we approach mobile game development. Tegra 4 helped us create Bloodsword – a new game debuting with the highest resolution textures, graphics and shading we've ever seen on a portable device."

– Seunghee Do, co-founder at OneQ Soft

"We are very excited to be part of Project SHIELD, and are quite amazed by the gaming potential of this device. Project SHIELD is by far the fastest mobile device we've worked on and it lets us put console quality graphics on a handheld device."

– Stine Waern, chief executive officer at Ravn Studio AS

"Thanks to Project SHIELD's performance, we're able to use the same quality textures and shaders in Rochard as on the PC version. We're super excited to bring Rochard to Project SHIELD, the first time it's ever been playable on a mobile device."

– Jan Achrenius, chief executive officer at Recoil Games

"Put simply, Project SHIELD is an amazing leap forward, enabling us to create console-quality visuals previously unthinkable on a mobile platform."

– Arden Aspinall, chief executive officer and project lead at TickTock Games Ltd.

More information is available at

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • I am questioning this...They should see the record breaking sales of the Play station Vita. dedicated hand held gaming is dying. Sony tried with the Xperia play and wasn't successful. People want less stuff to carry not this...If they price it right they will have my money.
  • Yes, but a lot of people already own all of those games and no proprietary cr*p to ruin the experience.
  • I don't think this is going after the 3DS or the PS Vita. There going after the Xbox and the Playstation. There looking for the One Ring to rule them all, the One Console that connects them together and binds them. And if they price it right they might just do it, this could be a game changer?
  • Awesome Lord of the Rings reference!!!
  • Honestly, this makes a lot more sense to me than the ouya.
  • But this isn't going to come out at a price anywhere near what the OUYA will be. Still, it looks compelling. One thing though, the press info says 5", not 7". -Suntan
  • It's dead in the water.
    Only one reason, "Not enough hi-def g games in the playstore.
  • they have hd games??? lol
  • omg you will be able to stream pc games from your own computer to an android device!
  • was pricing announced?? range???
  • Nope
  • Just wondering when they will announce pricing. Hope it is soon. I have to know how much dough I need to save up.
  • +1
  • Hope it is soon friv 2
  • Hmm... ABXY in Xbox colors. I wonder what will become of that.
  • I would rather have a Tegra 4 10 inch Tablet hooked up to my 360 controller and have all the same capability but I'm sure it won't work that way. Plus he said you need a Geforce card in your PC and I have AMD.
  • Would give me a reason to continue playing Dead Trigger. On a tablet or a phone? The controls are horrendous. Give me physical buttons and a stick of some sort and you have my $$. Let's hope, like everyone else stated, it's priced right.
  • Fail.
  • I'm just curious, won't there be a problem playing games with this controller when most games are developed for touch/gesture control in the G Play store or am I missing something here?? edit: ok I see its a touch display but still, how does one play touch based games when the damn controller in the way...FAIL
  • In the start of the article it reads a 7" device, and the press release states a 5" display. Do you mean the actual device is sized for 7", or is it just a typo?
  • Nice X-Box colors (-_-)
  • What I really want to know is whether or not they intend to release the streaming client application for ALL Tegra4-based devices...? If they do, then there's no need for a separate device. Just grab your shiny new GNoteIII or SGS4 with a Tegra4, hook it up to a GameKlik controlpad (or similar), and you're off to the races!
  • this will never make me put down my 360, I don't own a computer with a fancy video card and may never will, no exclusives Halo 4, Forza etc.. I think its an awesome idea for Android but in no way will this catch on, unless they get good exclusives, even then a long shot.
  • Nvidia needs to develop new markets for its products. The discrete PC graphics market is on the decline. In the ARM processor market the competition is tough.
  • I'm interested to know if all these different "gamer with a gamepad" initiatives (from OUYA, to MOGA, to Nvidia etc. etc.) will actually translate to better universal gamepad support for games in general. I don't want to buy 4 or 5 different devices. Personally, I'd like to just connect one BT gamepad to my current phone or tablet and be able to get native gamepad support on most games. -Suntan