HTC One 2014 leak

The new One shows its softer side with age

Where the old HTC One had polycarbonate-injected sharp-edged sides, the latest pictographic leak of the upcoming new-for-2014 HTC One shows it with the already-known full metal body, but accentuating the newer, more-friendly curves of the edge. There are a bunch of small details to be considered — the broader curve of the top and bottom corners, that glossy black plastic strip across the top, the close-up of the dual cameras and flash, and how the black plastic trim on the edges of the screen has vanished.

All-in-all, these new photos found on Weibo by show a smartphone that takes everything that we loved about the old HTC One and made an improved version that's more refined and mature than what was already a refined and mature handset. Some of it's still a mystery — like what exactly HTC's going to do with those dual cameras, what that black plastic on the top is for, and why HTC still felt the need to keep a black bar for its logo on the front after losing the capacitive buttons — but there's not a lot left up to the imagination anymore. We're less than three weeks from the all-new HTC One's announcement anyway.

You can check out the photos after the break, as well as an up-close crop of the press rendering of the gray brushed metal new HTC One's cameras, courtesy of @evleaks

Oh, and there's a screen with a benchmark result that shows the device being faster than everything else, which (1) isn't all that surprising for a brand-new device, and (2) doesn't really matter. We've made our opinion of the validity, minimal usefulness, and fallibility of benchmarks clear several times before, and the point still stands here. What matters is how well the device actually utilizes all that power at its disposal, not how well it aces the standardized test.

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