Never wonder about who you're listening to with Shazam on Android Wear

Ever had that moment when you hear a song but can't for the life of you remember who sings it, or what it's called? Yes, you could grab a hunk of lyrics and look it up on Google, but you could also go ahead and use an app made for just that. Shazam, the music recognizing app has been around for some time now, but you might not know that it works with Android Wear So check it out, and see what you've been missing.

Shazam works with your smartwatch in much the same way it works with your phone. Open the app with a tap, or by saying "Ok Google, open Shazam" and it will automatically begin to detect for audio being played. Once it has recognized your audio, you'll get a screen with the Artist, Song name, and Album artwork. Popular or well known music also has lyrics available, if you swipe over. They even scroll along with the song, karaoke style. In the rare instance that it's unable to recognize what is being played you'll get a message asking you to try again.

Shazam detects music

It doesn't stop at just music either. Shazam will also detect movies and television programs you have playing. The catalog isn't quite so large as their music is, but it's still quite impressive. It caught onto Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, but not Pentagon Wars with Cary Elwes and Kelsey Grammer. If you open up the main app on your phone you'll even find a list of all the audio Shazam has identified for you, along with relevant links to purchase them on the Google Play Store.

Using the app on Android Wear, you can easily see why Shazam is such a popular app already.

There are plenty of times, and ways to use Shazam. Especially when you consider how easy it is to open and use. Whether that means schooling your friends when they try to belt out some questionable lyric, finding new bands after capturing their info at live events, or making sure you have the info on that fantastic new tune you heard while driving to work, Shazam has you covered. Their catalog of media is definitely impressive, though certainly not all encompassing it definitely gets the job done. Using the app on Android Wear, you can easily see why Shazam is such a popular app already.

Shazam for Android Wear makes sure you'll never be left wondering who it is that you're listening to on the radio, and that is a very good thing. It makes grabbing new music easy, along with discovering more music from the same artists. If you're always trying to jot down another artists, or song name then this is definitely an app to check out. Especially since it gives you links to the Play store from your phone. Do you use Shazam, or is there a music recognizing app that does it better? Sound off in the comments!

Jen Karner

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