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Naked Trailers offers thousands of movie trailers all in one app

Have you ever sat down and put on an older movie and wondered what the trailer for that movie looked like back in the day? I've done that quite often though, I typically never follow up on the question by looking it up as it means interrupting my movie watching.

Naked Trailers has just been updated in the Google Play Store and it offers a collection of thousands of trailers to view. You get all the latest in theater, coming soon and on DVD options but more importantly it also includes trailers for movies which are currently playing on TV through the Reelz Channel

If you're a movie buff looking for quick access to a broad collection of movie trailers, give it a look, it has movie trailers going back as far as the 1940's and the more popular titles have additional content added such as short clips from the cast, producers and more. It's available for free, download link is past the break.

  • Aside from the misleading name, it's a reel blast to play with.
  • I have an app that plays thousands of movie trailers. Its called you tube!
  • Downloaded!!!
  • Doesnt work on galaxy tab.... why develop an app like this and not have support for tablets out of the gate. Isnt that a better place to view these trailers.
  • Seriously, who wastes any time viewing trailers?
  • Like most android apps, force closed... Uninstalled