On paper, the LG V40 is the phone I've always wanted LG to make. Standard, ultrawide and telephoto cameras on the back plus narrow- and wide-angle options up front makes for a penta-camera powerhouse that seemed predestined for my pocket. But then two things happened: I used the phone in the real world for a week ... and LG released its official pricing. When I factor in my own inconsistent experience with the spectre of spending $900 on the LG V40, I come away with the conclusion that most folks should wait until the inevitable price drop before pulling the trigger on this one.

I say "most folks" because there is one exception: if you're a devoted mobile videographer with a real need for the versatility only five cameras can provide, you should take advantage of LG's pre-order deal, which will net you a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal and a 256GB MicroSD – a combined value of over $250. That's a fantastic deal and it makes all the sense in the world for the vloggers that LG is targeting with the V40.

Hit up my 7-day review in the video above, and if you're looking for a different take, check out Andrew Martonik's slightly more forgiving V40 review right here on Android Central!

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