Moto X

Sale will expand to 'more devices' when it comes back

Update: Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside released a formal apology on the company blog, which also gave us a bit more clarity on the situation. Not only did he explain in more detail why the site went down, he also provided more information on the new sales.

The same $349 Moto Maker Moto X deal will go live at noon ET on Wednesday, December 4th and again at noon on Monday, December 9th. He also explained that "more devices" means that twice as many phones as originally planned will be available at the $349 price, and that the 30 percent off accessory promotion will run concurrently to the Moto X promotion.

Original story: It's no secret that Motorola's online store fell flat on its face today with the impending Cyber Monday deal that had off-contract Moto X's at just $350. Well Motorola feels bad about that (understandably so), and plans to have its "Cyber Monday" deal available again, and on two days this time around.

Interestingly, on its official Google+ page Motorola indicates that more devices will be added to the sale, but which models isn't known at this point. Moto's Twitter account seems to indicate that not only will it not add more devices, but the new sales will only apply to Moto Maker. We'll see how this pans out.

The deal will go live again on this coming Wednesday at 12:00pm (noon) ET, and again on the following Monday December 9th. Hard to complain too much now that you'll have two more attempts at picking up a new Moto X at a fantastic price. Let's all hope Motorola can keep its servers up and operational come Wednesday.

Source: +Motorola; @Motorola; Motorola Blog