The fun is just beginning! The HTC Hero is officially official and boy it looks like HTC really pulled all the stops for this one. We're going to try to keep you guys updated with every bit of HTC Hero news we can dig up so keep watching this space as news seems to flow in pretty quickly.

  • The HTC Hero will be the first HTC device to launch with HTC Sense, the new UI that HTC is actively showing off. It's the widget-based, sleek and sexy UI that we once knew as 'Rosie'. It pretty much rocks.
  • You'll be glad to hear that multi-touch will be supported on the HTC Hero (not sure how wide support will be)
  • The white version of the HTC Hero will sport an industry-first Teflon coating to keep it clean and spotless. The finish is supposed to be 'soft to touch' and will resist dirt, stains, and even fingerprints. Though white obviously gets dirty easier than black, why couldn't they just offer the Teflon option to black too?
  • Flash Support will launch with the HTC Hero. Double-tap to watch full screen. Sweet!
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • System-wide search and Social Networking Tools figure in heavily on this device

The HTC Hero is really looking like the device that'll save Android and put it on par with the Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS. We're really excited about this device and can't wait to get more details on it! Stay tuned!

[via crunchgear]