Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience Day 3: CES + BlackBerry CEO = 1 Amazing Day!

After a night of good times, good friends and a few (maybe more) good drinks, today was the BIG day… CES baby! Our crew was raring to get down to the Las Vegas Convention Center, and even though a few had later starts than others… all made it down to the LVCC to check out the goodness (and craziness) that is CES.


Heading into the LVCC

Of course, once our passes were in-hand, the first stop was a private tour of the @NVIDIA booth...

The NVIDIA Booth

Outside the NVIDIA booth

At the NVIDIA Booth

Robert and Marques at the NVIDIA booth

NVIDIA Grid Servers

Up close and personal with the NVIDIA Grid

From there, the team 'fanned out' across the show floor...

Rich and the Qubeey Girls

Rich with the Qubeey girls

Checking out some new tech!

Martin, Marques and Robert (aka 'Bobby Brown') checking out some new tech.

Later on in the evening, we got together one last time with the Mobile Nations team for some food and drink at the Palazzo… and the icing on the cake was a visit from a certain CEO… you may have heard of him...

Thorsten Heins joined us!

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins (far right) paid us a visit!

With all the amazing experiences now behind us, it's sadly time to wrap things up. I'd like to personally thank Robert, Michael, TJ, Marques, Rich and Martin (and Tegra Champ Kevin O'Quinn) for coming out and for being such solid dudes. It was really something to see the passion and love you have for mobile technology. Your opinions, beliefs and ideas were all extremely well informed and thought provoking to say the very least. I sincerely hope you share your experiences with the rest of the Mobile Nations communities by leaving comments, starting new threads, and interacting with other members … and be sure to let everyone know how EASY it was to win… and how FUN this experience was!

Our Group!

Left to Right: Rich Cermele (@pkcable), Kevin O'Quinn, Martin Reisch (@safesolvent),James Falconer (@JamesFalconer), Marques Brownlee and Michael Colvill

Not Pictured: TJ Hardin and Robert Brown (@SunofaBob)

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't also give thanks to our pals @NVIDIA… with a super special thanks to @WillPark for being our go-to man during the experience. He went above and beyond, and I think it's fair to say he deserves a *tip of the cap* and a firm handshake for a job well done.

I now declare the Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience… CLOSED!

James Falconer