Microsoft's OneNote now available on Android

OneNote, Microsoft's popular Office-bundled software, is now available in app form on the Android Market. OneNote allows users to take notes on the go, complete with photos, bullets, and to-do lists. Notes will sync with OneNote on your computer, and will also be available to view and edit online using the OneNote Web app at

OneNote began shipping with Micrsoft's Office Suite in 2010 and has since landed on iOS, Windows Phone 7, and now finally Android. The free app lets you create and edit up to 500 notes, with unlimited views and syncing. You'll need a Windows Live ID and Android 2.3 or higher to use the OneNote app, and to sync with your computer, you'll need OneNote from Microsoft Office 2010. Give us some quality time with OneNote for some deeper thoughts, and hit the break for the Market download link.

  • Ah, Evernote works just fine for me.
  • I am trying to deMicrosoft my life. I already use my Nexus for most of my computing needs. Now, I just need a Nexus tablet with USB ports to supplement.
  • Wooo they follow ICS UI design rules, way to go MS :)
  • Evernote is my choice. But I must commend MS for adhering to the ICS design language. They could have just tossed together something along the lines of the old style of apps or did it in a Metro style but they didn't. Still using Evernote though.
  • Awesome, I use onenote on my touchsmart tm2 all the time!
  • Galaxy Note would be awesome with OneNote. I wonder how this will affect MobileNoter which, until today, was the only way to edit OneNote files on an Android.
  • ABOUT EFFIN TIME!!!!!! YES!!!!!!
  • Does syncing require a USB connection to the PC, or can it be done via the cloud? I gave up hardwire connections on my mobiles a long time ago, but if it can be done wirelessly, I'll check it out.
  • It's over the cloud. This isn't an Apple product after all...
  • Yeah... bad day for MobileNoter. My daughter and I were both getting ready to buy MobileNoter.
  • FINALLY! I almost switched to WP7 and this was one of the reasons. We use OneNote exclusively at my school for notes. This will be awesome for studying when I don't have my school laptop with me.
  • Does the web version also have a 500 note limit? I never knew of that before.
  • I can't seem to find a web limit anywhere. I think the 500 note limit is just on mobile devices. Once you hit it, they want you to pay a few dollars ($5) to use the service past the limit.
  • I am about to go paperless in my personal life. I preferred OneNote to Evernote because you have better flexibility in organizing notes. But I preferred Evernote because of the Android compatibility. I was about to pull the trigger and go with Evernote, but no I have to research this a little more.
  • OneNote is crap. Minimal features and forces user to sign up for their crap. Delete.
  • Oh this would have been so great a while ago. I think I've used OneNote a couple of times since I left school, but no longer on a daily basis.
  • Well, I have to say "Thank You" to MS for understanding that the mobile world is bigger that one brand of 'mobile os'. They obviously wanted the 1st rev to be quality before launching and just stayed quiet until so. This is a great day!
  • The MS Live sign up process was full of errors. I tried to enter my phone number and watched as it scrambled the number order as I was typing it in. It did this multiple times so I just skipped that part. Then at the end of the process it said it could not be completed. I figured that was because I left the mobile number out. Then I get an email with a confirmation link. I was able to click it and log in. Typical MS junk software....
  • dude, I just effing spent $15 on mobilenoter a scant few days ago, because I depend on onenote exclusively for all my school notes.. FML