Microsoft's new Skype bot Project Murphy can merge two things into one

Microsoft launched support for text chat bots in Skype earlier this week and now a new bot made by the company is showing off what these AI creations can do. "Project Murphy" adds a new bot to your Skype contacts and then you can ask it "What if..." questions. The end result is a merging of two images that attempts to answer that question.

Project Murphy

Microsoft says that "Project Murphy" was a result of combining several of the company's services, such as Bing Image Search, Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Lake and PowerBI. The idea behind it was to make an AI that could have some imaginative atributes:

Could we tap into this human creativity to build a robot that could use machine learning capabilities and create accurate and imaginative images based on the what-if questions it was being asked? That was it. Project 'Murphy' was born. We enlisted the help of a few friends from across Microsoft, and over the last weeks, we built Murphy together. "

The Murphy chatbot is now available for Skype on iOS, Android and Windows desktop users.

Add the Project Murphy chatbot to your Skype contacts

John Callaham