Microsoft Office now available on Android phones, for subscribers only

Microsoft has today launched Office Mobile for Android phones, a new app for Office 365 subscribers that allows them to view and edit their Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other documents on their Android phones.

But you'll need to be an Office 365 subscriber to get in on the spreadsheet-based action — Microsoft isn't offering a free version of the app right now. Nor is it opening things up internationally — the app is U.S.-only at the moment, though The Verge writes (opens in new tab) that Microsoft plans to open up to other markets gradually. Finally, it's also a phone-only app at present — sadly there's no Android tablet support in this release.

Regardless, if you're living in (and paying for) the Microsoft Office ecosystem, the new app looks attractive enough, and offers the kind of quick, basic editing experience you'll likely want on a smartphone. Hit the Google Play link up above to grab the app.

Alex Dobie
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  • well i spent $100 for MS Office 2013 and yet they won't give me access to the Android version? i didn't want to get raped continually by buying Office 365 and that subscription model pricing made no sense for me as an individual consumer. based on what i've seen of the iPhone Office version, this mobile version is a very stripped down version of Office and no better (and maybe worse) than OfficeSuite Pro 7 and Docs To Go. i'll stick with OfficeSuite Pro 7.
  • You mean Microsoft is trying to rip people off? No way! /s Posted via Android Central App
  • Sour grapes. This is a feature of 365, if you choose not to buy, don't bitch. Posted via Android Central App
  • This is why I support open source projects. Posted using Samsung GS III
  • +1 open source programs are awesome. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm an IT manager for my company and we pay over $200,000 a year for our Microsoft Enterprise agreement which includes Office and I still don't have access to the Android Office App. That's messed up! Posted via Android Central App
  • If you have an EA, there may be a way to transition to the office 365, 5 installs (including android) per user licensing without additional cost. Disclaimer: I work for a LAR/LSP. Posted via Android Central App
  • Would be nice. Too bad I just recently unsubscribed from Office 365 because the Office 2013 that it uses is so riddled with bugs that I finally had all I could take of it.
  • article correction. The app IS free. The subscription is not free.
  • It's nice that they're doing this, but we've already got Office Suites available that will access MS Office docs. That makes me curious, how many people fit into this category and will use it?
  • the people that want to edit and view Office Docs properly formatted, not a crappy 3rd party translation.
  • User inteller seems to have too many shares of the MS cooperation. Did you know that several major universities around the world have switched out of MS Office to Google Docs and such? So we do have the right hate MS. More people hate their pricing, more large companies and colleges WI switched out completely. Posted using Samsung GS III
  • Looking forward to testing this out. Since microsoft makes more money off android then their own phone system i was expecting it for android before iphone. Boss pays for my 365 so its really free for me.
  • MSFT is offering this begrudgingly. they see Office Mobile as a differentiator for their WinMob and RT devices but they don't want to hurt the ubiquity of their cash cow Office for Desktop product by not offering it for competing platforms - so it's kind of a catch 22. "we'll give it to you only if you agree to get raped regularly by our 365 pricing." i'm beginning to hate MSFT but i need real Excel and Word and Windows 8 - for now.
  • "raped regulary" You keep using this phrase. It makes you sound silly. For people who only need Office Home & Student -- you, for example -- the old option still exists to get barebones Word and Excel for a little over $100. It was the same for 2010, same for 2007, same for 2003. Nothing's changed drastically in the pricing or program structure. Everything that was available to you for 2010 is still available to you for 2013. No raping. Your asshole is safe. For people who need the full Office Pro suite, 365 is a good deal: the old outlay for Office 2010/2007/2003 Pro (in the $300+ MSRP range) now future-proofs you for 3 years instead. And it's likely there'll be another iteration of the core programs by then anyway. For people who want Office on multiple machines or platforms, 365 is a ridiculously good deal: up to 5 PCs or Macs simultaneously, in any combination. That would've cost someone *hundreds* of dollars more in additional licenses for previous versions. It would've taken years to offset those license costs against the mere $99/yr for 365. (Plus 365 has a much, much more customer-friendly activation method for people who frequently switch or reinstall machines.) And for value-add? You also get Office on iOS. And Android. And you get 20GB of cloud storage thrown in. And you get a bunch of worldwide Skype minutes thrown in. Just because 365 isn't necessary for your specific (and very undemanding) scenario doesn't mean the subscription is all about "raping regularly". For many people, it's many, many times more cost efficient than the licensing structure of previous generations.
  • for ME it would be raped regularly. for ME. ME. ME. ME.
  • You can't rape the willing. Posted via Android Central App
  • oh yeah? what about Verizon customers?
  • +1 For some the subscription is a great deal
  • You need to only use Google docs from now on, since MS can't rip you off on it. Posted via Android Central App
  • unfortunately, Google Docs is not robust enough - yet.
  • no. i use Dropbox - because it's the best and i have 31GB of free storage. so WTF would i want to use an app that doesn't support it? Skydrive is garbage. OT - why are my posts disappearing?
  • Microsoft Office is one thing I fully support Microsoft on, it's the best office suite (imo) hands down. My college uses Google Docs via online integration (alongside Microsoft Office locally) but ultimately as others have said it is not fully robust yet and simply is not on par with Microsoft Office yet. (I continue to encounter bugs and errors) As a free alternative it is great, but can't quite justify dropping Microsoft Office.
  • A smart move from Microsoft to not release it as a paid app because if they will release it will be a victim of piracy
  • it is the same on iOS, it has more to do with the benefit of "if you want it totally free, buy a Windows device"
  • This subscription model that MS uses caused me to completely stop using office at home. I refuse to pay for it. Not going to be on the MS tit everytime a new version arrives. This is one app I would pirate. I'm using Documents to Go on my Android devices. Does everything I require.
  • you can pirate it all you want, you still need a subscription to do anything with it.
  • Lol... That's cute. For the app maybe, but not the stand alone version. It has been cracked fir quite a long time Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.
  • Lmao Posted via Android Central App
  • A smart move by Microsoft to not release it as a paid app because if they will release it will be a victim of piracy.
  • Love how almost all of the negative reviews aren't actually about the app at all. I really hope Google has a way of filtering out all that cruft when displaying the total review score... Most of the negative reviews are from folks complaining about the pricing model of the subscription...which is all well and good, but has nothing to do with the app itself. Most reviews of the app itself seem very good so far. Would like to see some tablet support, hopefully sooner rather than later.
  • I have to say I'm interested and would love to have Microsoft Office on my Android device but I'm not sure I'm willing to spend $100 per year for this. I would have to look at a comparison of Google Docs and MS 360.
  • Chances are most people who would make use of this already have a 365 account for desktop purposes. This is a bonus. Posted via Android Central App
  • Exactly. This is intended to be a another value-add for the 365 subscription, no more. MS probably realizes there's no huge money to be made in selling mobile Office apps piecemeal, since there are several other well-established options on both iOS and Android and MS is now a late contender. Better to bundle it as part of 365 and increase the appeal/viability of the subscription for the future.
  • Why does it seem like Microsoft goes out of their way to do things wrong. Why would they offer it for phone before tablet? Put it out for the more useful devices first. Not surprised at all that it's not free though. Posted via Android Central App
  • just to get it out there. People expected this to be out a lot sooner then now and if they waited till they were tablet ready I'm sure it would have been much longer. Its not ideal but its better then nothing.
  • I just caved and picked up a Surface RT. In my defense, a buddy of mine that went to Tech Ed picked one up for me for $100. Nothing Android offered would keep all of the formatting we use in our work documents. It was the main thing that kept me from grabbing up an Android tablet and it was the main thing that pushed me towards the RT (not that I'd have paid full price for an RT Tablet). Honestly, if someone HAS to have a tablet and they HAVE to have access to almost full versions of Word and Excel (minus Macros) then something like Dell's XPS 10 might be an option. The way Microsoft works, there just isn't going to be a 3rd party application that is going to work as perfectly as Word/Excel do. At least not that I found and not the way that I use them. Unfortunate, but I'm grateful to have gotten a cheap Surface and to not have to travel with a full blown laptop anymore.
  • see, you get it.....everyone else just complains.
  • Plus - you can use hand writing in One Note. These are good things for people that take notes and have office type jobs. Posted via Android Central App
  • Like you just go against everyone else true complains? Posted using Samsung GS III
  • In my opinion, people need to be willing to go the route that serves their needs instead of trying to get something to do a task it's not suppose to do. Honestly, I like the Surface RT. It's a weird device, snappy in metro, not snappy in desktop, but it fits the bill perfect for me. I DO miss certain apps and I don't like not being able to run Legacy Apps but it gives me Netflix, Hulu Plus, Prime Video's (streams through Explorer) and a really nice Office Suite plus alllllll day battery life that for me has been better than advertised. That last one is what made me not consider the Surface Pro. I wanted a tablet, not an even more compact Netbook. The way I see it, you can't have it all, so why try? I was dead set on the Nexus 10, just waiting for MS Office solution. Now I'm glad I caved. Posted via Android Central App
  • heck no. I am dont with anything microsoft
  • *done ...You know MS Word would correct that for you, right? ;)
  • Lol Posted via Android Central App
  • This is exciting news for me! I use both Windows Phone 8 and Android (I know, BLASPHEMY!) and while I don't use it a whole lot, even on my Windows Phone, there have been a few times it has come in handy and as a 365 subscriber, I more then welcome having actual MS Office apps on my Atrix HD. Actually, this is one of the few apps I was missing on my Atrix and kinda wished I had!
  • There is nothing wrong with using both operating systems. Posted via Android Central App
  • No tablet support = no thank you. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1
  • another problem is Dropbox integration. don't expect any!
  • Of course. They have Skydrive. Posted via Android Central App
  • Now you're just trolling. Posted via Android Central App
  • no trolling. i use Dropbox - because it's the best and i have 31GB of free storage. so WTF would i want to use an app that doesn't support it? Skydrive is garbage. OT - why are my posts disappearing?
  • Phones only, no tablet support. ROFLMAO Way to go, Microsoft.
  • Haha my thoughts exactly, thought it would be the other way around
  • Just tried the app moves really well on my Xperia XL. I put it on my n10 and well....there's a reason why it isn't available for tablets. still looks decent once you open a file, but not optimized for the screen so it doesn't move as well. Slows tablet down until you close it. I don't mind their subscription service. Split it with 3 friends so $25/year isn't that bad. As google docs continues to improve, buying office from microsoft becomes less useful. Of course no dropbox integration google docs doesn't have that either they want you to use skydrive or google drive.
  • Microsft's apps, or those made by a 3rd party and sposored by them on Android (I'm looking at you Outlook for Android ) are really crappy and have very bad support.
  • Coming so late to the mobile party Microsoft has made it really obvious to a lot if people and companies that they are just fine without Office.
  • What is "a lot" to you? How many Fortune 500 companies Don't use MS Office? Google, sure, although wait a minute - the chromecast presentation was done with a windows machine...Apple...who else? Posted via Android Central App
  • I have a 356 subscription $100 dollars per year for my Desktop and laptop plus the my daughters laptop and GF's laptop really is a bargain. And now I can install it on my phone my GF phone and my Daughters phone all for the simple price this is getting better and better.
  • I used to live in the Microsoft ecosystem; I had a Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Office 365. (Not to mention Xbox Music) Based on the quality of the apps, the nominal fee monthly to keep everything running is more than fair. Now, having said that, your mileage will vary. If you don't use Office for work / school / personal reasons then a subscription to 365 isn't going to do you a bit of good. Eventually I tapped out with Windows Phone and went back to Android. Through work I got Office 2010 Pro on HUP for $10. Yes, it's legit. Compare that to the $40 I spent on Windows 8 and for $50 I have the latest and greatest from Microsoft. For the time being I'm running Ubuntu, so take that for what its worth. Don't knock MSFT for making a profit. Don't knock them for creating a standard for other applications in the "office" arena to follow. If you don't agree with the price, don't pay it. Also, don't pirate it. That just makes us people who have either begrudgingly or willing bought the product feel a tad irked. Google Docs cannot replace Office / LibreOffice for me. Yet. When it does, crap is that going to be scary.
  • I still can't believe they are charging people for a subscription to this service. Next time I have to upgrade my computer, I'll be downloading one of the many free alternatives!
  • Where is the issue? Ive been using office 365 for about a year now and see no real issue with this.
  • Article mentioned that it was US only. Seems to be available to Canadian residents as well as I just installed it on my gnex and logged in with my account. Now they need to release the client for tablets and my family is set. So far, it doesn't look to be using a mobile license..yet. Posted via Android Central App
  • somebody alert the church elders! Microsoft is planning to rip us off again. (and again and again and again and again)
  • I can't download on the Nexus 7. Ugh. Posted via Android Central App
  • Having read all the posts on this thread most everybody is bitching because of the Office 365 subscription cost. When was the complete Office suite ever free? If the $99/yr. is a problem you must not have any great need for Office on your phone which is fine however some people do. Even as a single user I can see value in the Office subscription and intend to buy it instead of installing it in my next PC. So I'll pick up the version for my Android phone as a side benefit. Considering it costs $200 to buy the installed version that includes Outlook I view the $99/year for my PC and my phone to be reasonable. Subscription based software is taking over in general from installed software the advantage to the user being updates are included at no cost. Obviously the benefit to the seller is recurring revenue which is why many business applications are going to SaaS (software as a service). Better get used to it as it is the way things will be in the future.