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MGM titles finally arrive on YouTube and Google Play in North America

Notably missing from the Google Play and YouTube repertoire of content, has long been iconic studio MGM. But now, they're missing no more. MGM has become the fifth major studio to partner with Google, and over 600 titles will be making their way into the catalog. The only catch thus far -- in typical Google fashion it will only be available in the US and Canada for the time being. 

More titles will be added over the coming weeks. But, for now if you've been hankering for some Robocop or Terminator action on your Android device, hanker no longer. 

Source: YouTube

  • Tom & Jerry?!
  • MgM is very yawn worthy.
  • "Bond ... James Bond" Damn it, US & Canada only , typical Google ... :(
  • " I'd buy that for a dollar."
  • OK! Noob question time: What does it exactly means when it says that it arrived to "YouTube"? I know that you can rent and watch movies on the Play Store but what does it mean that it arrived on "YouTube"?
  • You can watch the exavt same shows on YouTube... or should I say rent