Meet the Infinix Note 8: A whole lot of phone

Infinix Note 8 Ac
Infinix Note 8 Ac (Image credit: Infinix)

As smartphones seem to keep getting more expensive and flagships sit around $1,000, it's reasonable to consider what options you have in the more affordable range instead. One brand you might not have heard of in this department before is Infinix, but it has a new phone coming that should put it on your radar.

This new phone is designed to leave little off the table. It's built with performance in mind, offers up plenty of screen, features both fingerprint and face unlock, and won't leave you wanting for variety in cameras.

When it comes to getting your work done, browsing the web, enjoying movies and shows, and especially playing games, you need a phone with a processor that can keep up. Toward that end, the Infinix Note 8 includes the MediaTek Helio G80 chipset paired with 6GB of memory to keep the phone running smooth.

You'll have an easy time doing all those activities as well since the Infinix Note 8 offers up a large, 6.95-inch display with a 20.5:9 aspect ratio that's great for content consumption, especially of cinema. Dual speakers with DTS audio support will help round out that experience. The display also reaches 480 nits of brightness to make it easier to see even on bright days. And don't worry about the big, bright screen being too much of a battery hog, as the 5,200mAh offers plenty of juice to go around. When the battery does get low, the phone's support for 18-watt fast charging will see it fill it back up quickly.

Infinix Note 8 Ac

Source: Infinix (Image credit: Source: Infinix)

Of course, for many of us, our phone's cameras are just as important as any other part of the experience. So, Infinix has made sure to offer a camera to get the job done. It's done this by including a quad-camera system on the rear of the phone and a dual-camera system on the front. The rear setup is built around a 64MP main sensor that should ensure your photos turn out crisp. A portrait camera can work with the main sensor to help blur out backgrounds. There's also a macro lens for incredible closeups and an AI lens. An eye-tracking AF system will also help make sure photos of friends and family always come out clear.

When you want to record video, your footage will benefit from a special video enhancement algorithm from Vidhance that'll improve its stability and clarity. You can even capture slow-motion footage.

For selfies, you'll get a 16MP main sensor paired with a portrait sensor. Both are fitted into a modern-style cutout in the display, which lets your screen stretch to take up most of the front of your device.

Infinix rounds out the whole Note 8 experience with its XOS7.1 version of Android 10. This software lets you do things like running multiple apps side by side, having multiple accounts for a single app, and plenty more.

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