M-Edge Echo case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

There are plenty of choices when it comes to protecting your Note from scratches and scrapes — M-Edge brings something different to the table

Like most major smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is backed up by a wide range of cases and other accessories. Many of them aim to blend in with the Note 4's original styling, but M-Edge's latest offering is a bit different, allowing you to choose from three designs while also keeping your device safe from knocks and scrapes.

The M-Edge Echo case for the Galaxy Note 4 is a chunky plastic beast. Inside there's a soft silicon layer to keep the device cushioned, and on the outside there's a glossy polycarbonate shell, furnished in one of three pattern — marble (pictured), diamond orange and bandage stripes. The grey marble pattern we're using is the more muted of the three, the other two add a bit more color to the mix.

M-Edge Echo case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4M-Edge Echo case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Physically, the thick plastic shell turns the Note 4 into a heftier phone — the increase in width is particularly noticeable — however it also softens the sharp corners of the handset, making it a little more ergonomic. Obviously you're also hiding some of the phone's shinier bits, as the chamfered edges around the display are obscured by the case's plastic trim. But that also means they're protected from damage, and the screen itself is also recessed below the level of this plastic trim.

As far as ports and connectors go, M-Edge gives you cutouts for all the major areas — the microUSB port and dual mics, the S-Pen holder, camera and sensor deck and the rear speaker. The case's thickness is particularly evident in these areas, but fortunately they're mostly obscured when you're holding the phone normally.

The M-Edge echo case for the Galaxy Note 4 brings protection along with a change in visual styling for your Note 4, resulting in a phone that's more sturdy, if a little less striking to behold. If that's the balance between design and protection you're looking for, you'll find it for sale at $19.95 at ShopAndroid.com.

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