LifeProof will offer FRĒ case for the Galaxy S7 at launch

LifeProof has announced that it will make its FRE case for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 available when the phone launches. While the Galaxy S7 already has built-in waterproofing, the FRE will add another layer of protection against dirt, dust, water and falls. The case is rated to be drop-proof at up to 6.6 feet, and is waterproof down to 6.6 feet for an hour.

The case is made to withstand a beating that the phone alone likely shouldn't handle. LifeProof has made the FRE case thin and light so you don't add a ton of bulk and ruin the aesthetics of your phone when it is placed in the case. You can pre-order the case in a variety of colors now, with the black version being the first to arrive in stock.

Pre-order at LifeProof

Source: LifeProof

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