More than 2 million LG Optimus Ones sold

LG quietly announced that the Optimus One line (see our review) has breached the two million sales mark, with sales in North America leading the way.  In mid-November, LG announced that the Optimus line had sold over one million units in its first 40 days, and just 20 days later they have sold over two million worldwide.  The breakdown:

  • North America: 1.3 million units sold
  • South Korea: 450,000 units sold
  • Europe: 200,000 units sold
  • Asia 50,000 units sold

It's a great handset for the price, it ships with Froyo and will be getting Gingerbread, and has quite the development community growing.  What's not to like? [LG (Korean) via Mobile Crunch]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I love my Optimu S. Not upset i didnt get the EVO or Epic at all.
  • It is a really good phone. If I didn't have two phones already I would definitely buy one. A guy at work bought one and I played with it for about 10-15 minutes with his phone and it seemed like a well built phone. I wouldn't be surprised if they reach 3 mil soon after new year starts.
  • About to get one for my wife I think she would love it
  • When Telus is selling it for $199 outright and $0 with contract, it's a big seller.
  • I think this is because a lot of people with dumbphones and feature phones recognize LG as a brand they can trust, because as far as reception and device quality LG has always had the fit and finish of high-end devices, even the older flip phones I've had, and still have today in full working order. This in turn brings them out of their shell and opens up the idea of exploring smartphones since its a brand they know they can trust. This in combination with easy rooting allows the dev community to get behind this line of devices and allows it to start a small cult following. Its a powerful device and I afree with bigtime2.. 3 mil is definitely in LG's sights.
  • I have had this phone for 3 weeks. Great device, with great call quality, and custom rom support. Coming from an iPhone 4, i was very surprised.
  • Don't hold your breath for Gingerbread. LG is just as bad as Samsung when it comes to upgrades. My wife got the LG Ally in June. It got great reviews and is a nice, if slightly under powered phone. LG promised a Froyo upgrade in August. We are still waiting with no official date in sight. The Optimus One is basically the Ally without the keyboard and runs Froyo well, so whats the deal LG?
  • The Ally is a low-end/entry-level device.. not even in the same class as the Optimus phones. Sorry.
  • Just got a Optimus S and love it. Have been a Palm follower for years and Android blows them out of the water. Just one quick question: Does anyone know what widget the phone pictured is using for time and temp on the home page or is it standard to the Optimus One?
  • Optimus
  • I like how South Korea gets a separate tally from Asia.
  • Probably because out of 500,000 phones sold in Asia, 450,000 were sold in South Korea.
  • More of a power user myself, but with a 3.2'' screen, a 600 MHz processor and a 1500 mAh battery, this thing definitely has a great battery life; Something most smartphone makers tend to totally disregard. Good job LG!
  • Great phone indeed, I swapped mine for a transform though. I miss froyo but not the small screen and no flash for the camera.
  • I love my Sprint Optimus S. Got it the day after it was released. I wish it had more internal memory for apps, but hopefully more and more apps will support SD. I think LG has been making really good hardware ever since the Lotus. It has been a quick rise to respectability for them. I, along with a lot of Podcast listeners, were a bit disappointed in the host (Cory, I assume) when he rolled his eyes and suggested that cheap Android phones risk hurting the platform. But fortunately, the Optimums line has not embarrassed anyone. Most Optimums buyers are first time Android customers. I had been waiting to buy the correct Android device for months, while at the same time hoping that Sprint would continue to support Palm Web OS. Once it became clear that Palm was fading from Sprint's lineup, I let the right Android device find me. And while I am sure that developers and engineers are itching for Honeycomb and the day when all Android devices are dual core and kick the iPhone 5's butt, our platform needed a few million new users like me on-board first. So be patient, guys. The day we all have little wonder tablets in our coat pockets is coming soon. At this pace, it will be this time next year. Seriously, who thought in November of 2009 that there would be over 200,000 Android activations a day just one year later? The corner has been turned. Android already rules.
  • I had the optimus t for about a week. (switched it out for the g2) I have to say that the battery life was great. and even though it was only 600 MHz it was plenty fast unless your a gamer.
  • What clock widget is that?
  • Right now I'm using a BlackBerry 9300 3G and I'm thinking of switching over to Android and picking up this phone because i. Froyo ii. Price tag. To the people who have used the phone, is it quick or laggy? I want to buy a phone that is good for web browsing, so am wondering how the browser is on this phone. I've owned the HTC Legend (I know they share 600MHz processor) and the browsing experience was fine for me. Should I buy the Optimus One or save up to buy a more powerful Android device?.... $300 difference...
  • I have a 9300 Curve on T-Mobile also (as well as a nexus one) and I think you will be fine if you get the Optimus One to replace your Curve 3G. Though, I've only used Optimus One about 10-15 minutes or so, it seemed better built than Curve 3G. I'd say go to a store and play with it for some time, or if you can find someone who's got one and use his/hers, then make a decision.
  • Well, what plan are you on? I know that the processor seems quick, but you haven't even seen quick and fast until you've got a high end android phone. I know the money seems expensive, but with my rooted and overclocked G2, I can literally do anything from this phone. And I do. And for whatever carrier you are on there is going to be a choice of high end smart phones...unless its like boost mobile or cricket.
  • I'm with Bell but I'll be purchasing the phone from Telus and then unlocking it. If I have to I don't mind saving the money... but I could use it else where... I'm just looking for peoples inputs on the speed of the phone and how the processor holds up when browsing the web.