LG's latest video shows off more UX 4.0 features ahead of LG G4 launch

Among the features highlighted in the video are Ringtone ID and Quick Memo+, along with camera features like Quick Shot and the clumsily-worded Gesture Interval Shot. On those camera features specifically, Quick Shot, which we got a look at in a previous video allows users to quickly take a photo by double tapping on the G4's rear volume button—even if the phone is locked. Gesture Interval Shot, on the other hand, lets users snap a series of selfies by signaling the phone to take four shots with the wave of a hand.

The other two features shown off in the video are simple quality-of-life improvements, but welcome nontheless. Ringtone ID will automatically create customized ringtones for your favorite contacts. Quick Memo+ lets you strip an article down to just the text you need without excess information, similar to the reading mode in many browsers.

LG UX 4.0 will officially make its debut on the LG G4 when it is unveiled on April 28.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster