Back in 2013, LG introduced KnockOn, the ability to double-tap on the G2's screen to unlock it. The next year, the company followed up with KnockCode, a more secure version which allowed owners of the LG G Pro 2, G3 and others to secure their devices using a pattern of taps.

This year, starting with the LG G Flex 2, the Korean company's trying something a bit different. "Glance" is a feature of the G Flex 2 that gives you a small preview of what's going on on your device, without having to turn it on.

First things first — Glance is enabled by default on the LG G Flex 2, and like KnockOn, there doesn't appear to be a way to completely disable it. That's not a huge deal, however, since it's easy to ignore this feature if you don't use it.

To use 'Glance' on the LG G Flex 2:

  1. With the screen off, hold down anywhere in the top half of your phone's screen.
  2. Drag downwards, revealing the clock widget and notification icons.
  3. After dragging down, hold your finger in place to keep the "Glance" view on screen.

If you're roaming, you'll see two clocks displayed side by side in "Glance" view — one showing the local time, the other showing the time at home.

The "Glance" feature is a neat way to quickly check the time, assuming you don't have an Android Wear smartwatch, and the icons displayed will also give you an indication of whether there's new stuff awaiting your attention. You'll get more information on a smartwatch or the regular lock screen, but there should be enough there to tell you whether it's worth unlocking.

And that's it — simple enough. If you want to completely unlock your phone and view your pending notifications, simply double-tap or enter your knock code. (Or use the good old-fashioned power button.)

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