LeVar Burton just won the 'If I had Glass' competition

Ladies and gentlemen, LeVar Burton just won the Internet. (We've lost track how many times now.) The "Roots," "Reading Rainbow" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" actor and host -- and basically all-around nerd badass -- just threw his name into the running for the Google Glass Explorer program, which gets the eye-glass mounted wearable computer into the hands of a few (thousand) lucky nerds and developers. This week, Google began offering another shot at scoring units by telling what you'd do if you "had glass."  Burton this morning chimed in with:

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And that's all she wrote.

For 99 percent of folks out there, that should need no explanation. But just in case, Burton played blind Starfleet officer Geordie La Forge, who used a VISOR (short for Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement) to see.

And also to be a badass.

More: Google Glass site

Phil Nickinson
  • I mentioned him in a brief write up talking about the Google Glass video yesterday. He was the first person I thought of when I saw the video. http://stltechtalk.com/2013/02/20/google-releases-new-google-glass-video/ I'm glad to see him have such a nice sense of humor and wonder if Google will ask him to be a part of anything related to Google Glass. I assume he is not busy with any regular roles unless I missed something?
  • As many actors eventually do, he directs now.
  • This is going to revolutionize mobile technology in so many occupations, like directing, studios can watch a live feed of how directors visualize and direct on sets without being there. The military implications are enormous, surprised the DoD hasn't given google a Huge grant, soldiers in the field can link up to HQ for real time mission feed. Possibilities is endless, hope they make a satellite link version for the middle of nowhere. Celebrities could wear these glasses and charge a monthly subscription to their everyday life pov style to make money for their charities
  • If there is one person you would be hitting up to try Glass it should be him. The tie in Trek would be a great pull for many. Make this happen Google.
  • Google needs no help getting nerds on board.. A tie in to Trek would just further alienate the other people out there that would never consider wearing something so nerdy.
  • There are other people out there?
  • You're forgetting all the tools that walk around with a bluetooth earpiece 24/7. At least Glass offers some functionality and there's a reason to wear it even if you aren't actively using it.
  • I think you meant to say "Make it so Google."
  • The Winning just doesn't stop, does it?
    I would imagine that these just write themselves...
  • Almost as if they're replicated out of thin air.
  • Ha ha ha.... and what a win it is.
  • I agree, he also shouldn't have to pay for them.
  • Even though he can afford it better than most of us? Hmmm...
  • And who's fault is that? hmmm....
  • http://youtu.be/eeyr7DKHZu4
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guLrfxAqIiQ
  • But don't take my word for it.
  • +1,000,000,000
  • Excellent work. Screw Geordi references. Reading Rainbow is where it's at.
  • READING RAINBOW FTFW!!! LOL! +1000000000000000000000
  • I think they should give it to Alicia Keys because she's all about new innovations in mobile technology and her endorsement would go far in establishing the legitimacy of a venture many perceive to be a fruitless one. Also, LeVar rocks.
  • She's already endorsing the new Blackberry so that wouldn't exactly work out..
  • I think you missed the irony in the post, since Keys still tweets from her iPhone and tries to pass it off as hackers.
  • Are you freaking kidding me? Out of all the entries they pick somebody from Hollywood ? Couldn't they just have made him a celebrity spokesperson? Why couldn't they have picked an "average Joe"? Well, a Joe willing to pay one of the wealthiest companies in the world $1500 for the chance, anyway. This just seems fixed.
  • He didn't actually get selected (yet). He "won" (figuratively speaking) based on the awesomeness of his comment.
  • So I thought to myself. This is awesome; I can enter and have a chance to win a Glass. I went to the site all ready to enter and then realized that even if you're one of the "few thousand" people selected, you still have to pay $1500 for it. I'll just stick with my GoJo.
  • Take it rowing and get all the cool photo's and maybe some training info on the screen.
  • This is the worst thing invented in the history of mankind. I'm sorry but if any of you wear these I will take them and stomp on them to make the world a better place. They do not belong. Government needs to step in and ban people from wearing these (and any similar creations) while driving, instead of deploying catch up legislation later.
  • You're a tool. If you are in the U.S., our government was not created to be a babysitter. The fact that it feels the need to keep trying is part of my problem with the way things are now. As far as stomping the Glass's if you see them, well, look at it this way... All of those non-essential toys you have could just as easily be "stomped" because I guarantee that, given enough time, something can be found to be wrong with all of them. And if you aren't in the U.S., well stay where you are because we need no more of that here. There are too many whiners here as it is.
  • You have *got* to see the episode of Community that he was in - hilarious.